misterb&b Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Help Gay travelers stay safe around the world!



A sharing economy company and the world’s largest short-term rental marketplace dedicated to the Gay community, misterb&b is proud to offer an opportunity to a new generation of investors, from our community to straight allies, to help more Gay travelers stay safe around the world.

We are thrilled to announce that misterb&b is giving its community of guests and hosts the opportunity to invest in the company through an equity crowdfunding campaign launched on WeFunder, the largest funding portal by investment volume and investor returns (CRD #283503).

With homosexuality still illegal in a third of the world, and punishable by death in 8 countries, traveling around the world is still potentially life-threatening for LGBTQ travelers. misterb&b offers the freedom to book an entire home or rent a private room at the home of gay or gay-friendly hosts.


misterb&b ensures LGBTQ travelers and hosts can connect in real life and feel welcome everywhere they go, form connections with like-minded travellers within the community, and truly live like a local while on vacation, business travel, or honeymoon.

Today, misterb&b wishes to share its success-story and give back to its community. We didn’t want to go the traditional route of investment this time around because we would like to extend the opportunity to the gay community and their allies who are not accredited investors, but who are still interested in the “triple bottom line” - people, purpose, profits.


What is an equity crowdfunding campaign? 

Equity crowdfunding provides a way for individuals (non accredited investors) to invest and participate in investment opportunities and reap the benefits. You will own a part of the company!

“This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of misterb&b and help us create a more welcoming world. We are reaching out to the most passionate people in the community: our hosts and our guests as well as LGBTQ allies,” said Matthieu Jost, misterb&b co-founder & CEO. “We want to give them a unique opportunity to own a piece of what we have built, and to financially benefit - thus helping give back to our incredible global gay community.”

What will misterb&b do with the money? 

Keeping our vision at the forefront of our minds, we are planning to take misterb&b to new heights by expanding our inventory to include curated LGBTQ-friendly hotel accommodations and thus offering exponential opportunities to find safe and welcoming accommodations when traveling the world. 30% will be directed towards technical development and 70% toward marketing/promotion of the new service.

How much can I invest?

We want to make this a real investment opportunity for all our community. Therefore we set the minimum investment to $250.



Are you interested in taking misterb&b to a new level and together, creating a more welcoming world?

You will find all details about the crowdfunding campaign (amounts, terms, etc.), about the company (financials, officers & directors, investors…) and about WeFunder by clicking the button below.