Brighton: The perks of being a misterb&b host
07 Sept 2018
par Saverio

Brighton: The perks of being a misterb&b host

What does hosting for the gay community mean to you and why did you become a host?

We both love to travel and have lots of hospitality experience so when we saw the opportunity to be creative, meet guys from all over and get paid we jumped at the chance! We love entertaining and sharing experiences with guys we meet.



What is your level of interaction with your guests: do you hang out with them, do you show them around?

We like to make things as relaxed and easy as possible. We operate self check in and send detailed information for guests, but we’re also available if guys want to meet to find out more face to face. We also offer cocktails and dinner! Everything's homemade with love, for those that want something a bit more personal.


Tell us about interesting people you have met through misterb&b

We’ve had all sorts! From regular weekly people working near by to minor celebrities and newsreaders. You never know who will turn up! And this makes hosting all the more interesting:)



In your opinion what attracts guests to your city

Brighton is the gay capital of the UK and is known all over the world for a vibrant, diverse and very cool scene which has something for everyone. Come for the biggest pride festival in August or in May for the festival where the whole city transforms. There is so much creativity in this city


Your best memory of a guest?

Two of our closest friends were guests when we first hosted. They’d just moved to the city and were looking to rent . They stayed with us while looking and became best friends.


Do you feel more involved with the LGBT community since you started hosting?

I work for a gay charity in the city so hosting the gay community felt easy and it’s great to share this knowledge of the community with our guests. The gay community is very important to me and it’s great we have opportunity like this to meet others and share our home and creative ideas.


What's the nicest thing a guest has ever done for you? Do they ever bring gifts?

We’ve had so many gifts from homemade produce to books, chocolates and placemats! Making friends that offer to host us at their home is always a great and welcome perk!


How has hosting impacted your life?

Hosting means we’re financially more comfortable and we have more funds to invest into our home, so we can get really creative with what we do.


Give us 3 reasons why you recommend hosting on misterb&b

Earn good money! Meet guys from all over the world and the opportunity to be creative with what you offer your guests.


Why should a guest stay with you ?

We know what we’re doing! We’re experienced and know what works for our guests. Our style makes people feel at home and there’s extras too, like meals, massage and cocktails!


What makes a perfect host - or guest?

Being available but not intrusive and knowing how to meet your guests needs.


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