New York on citibike, get ready!
May 13 2013
by Julien Chadeyron

New York on citibike, get ready!

It was about time! In about ten days, the city of New York will proudly launch its own self-service bike service. Like in many big cities around the world, NYC will launch 6,000 bikes spread over 333 stations. It will become the third city in number of bicycles behind Hangzhou, China (60,000) and Paris (20,000).

Already more than 8,000 New Yorkers have suscribed to the annual pass, for about $100. The procedure is basically the same as in other cities. A day, week, month, or year, with the first half-hour free of use. This new means of transport should provide a little breath of fresh air to the city.

The station number is expected to double in the future, to reach 10,000 bikes.

More informations on the official website.

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