Gay tourism today : interview with Adam roffman, Travels of Adam blog founder
May 30 2013
by misterb&b

Gay tourism today : interview with Adam roffman, Travels of Adam blog founder

What are the top gay destinations today and which will be next? How do gays travel nowadays? What about gay tourism today? As summer is coming, we decided to ask these questions to a few specialists who know this market by heart.
Second meet Travel of Adam blog founder, Adam Groffman.

"Why did you decide to launch your website? What is the concept?
I started my blog, Travels of Adam, as a place to share my personal travel narratives and experiences when I backpacked around the world a few years ago. These days, being based in the ultra-cool Berlin, I still travel quite a bit around Europe and I try to write about the coolest cultural things I find around the world.

According to you, what makes a destination gay-friendly?
Obviously it's important for the destination to be open-minded and non-discriminatory. Destinations that go out of their way to be welcoming always makes for a better trip—so cities or countries that highlight LGBT tourism are especially gay-friendly in my eyes.

How has the gay travel market evolved in the recent years?
I think we're seeing a lot more destinations advertising and marketing to gay tourists—and doing so more creatively. No longer are the days of flashy party photos and photos of half-naked men advertising cities to gay tourists. Sure, it still exists (and it's still appealing for some tourists), but I think most gay tourists are just looking for a good, worry-free holiday. A destination with a reputation for friendliness and open-minded ness goes a long way.

What has changed in the gay travellers choices of destination?
Rather than circuit parties and week-long benders, many gay travelers seem to opt for more adventurous holidays. Whether it's hiking in Peru, sailing in Croatia or backpacking in Thailand, there are so many great gay travel choices today.

According to you, which city or country could become THE next gay spot?
Spain has always been a great gay destination but I think you'll see less gay tourists hitting up the beaches in Barcelona and Sitges, and instead visiting cities like Madrid and Valencia...or even the southern towns in Andalusia. There are plenty of great travel opportunities throughout Spain and there's much more to the country than Barcelona.

What destinations would you recommend for our readers next vacation?
I think this is going to be a good summer for Tel Aviv. It's already been a long-time favorite for gay tourists (me especially!) but this summer is set to be pretty hot in Tel Aviv. Some first-class DJs and bands are touring to TLV and their gay pride is always one of the most popular (follow the #tlv4fun project on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)

Is there a country you regret that it’s not being gay-friendly enough?
There are plenty of countries that could use a more open-minded and gay-friendly attitude adjustment. Unfortunately there are quite a few countries which have made being gay illegal or punishable and I would find it difficult to visit some of these. I know Dubai has quite a bit of gay nightlife, but the UAE city still has quite a few problems that need solving that would make it more of an attractive destination for gay travelers.

Where do you plan to spend your next vacation?
I'm visiting Helsinki for the first time, but will also pop over to Tel Aviv for their gay pride. Should be a fun summer of jetting around Europe!

What is your dream destination?
Hopefully I'll make it to South Africa someday. As a country with such an intense and recent history, but also purportedly quite gay-friendly, it's a place I'm deeply interested in. The country has put out some great literature and films and the arts scene seems to be flourishing there—if only it weren't so far away!

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