Nissa la bella
July 07 2013
by Stéphane Garneri, avec Ursula del Aguila / TÊTU

Nissa la bella

Finally, Nice has come out! At last, Nice has come out as gay and lesbian. It's about time, because it has been lagging behind Lyon, Montpellier or Nantes for at least ten years. From now on, in addition to being assured of good weather, of seeing beautiful tanned guys lounging on the beach, you can satisfy your need for a real gay social life.

for a little more than a year, the Riviera metropolis has been carrying a gay and lesbian breath that it had never known before. Some streets are now clearly identified as gay. In particular, rue Bonaparte, in the Port district, and rue Francis Gallo, in the old town of Nice, the little sister of the Parisian rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie. A hairdresser, trendy clothes and underwear stores, a tea room : this is the street to stroll before going to have an aperitif, at the Civette, on the Cours Saleya, under a bright light at noon, and mother-of-pearl pink in the evening, which has inspired all the painters, including Matisse.

The city with its proud and impregnable eagle is blossoming and becoming less wild. The associative fabric finally "takes" in the gay and lesbian militant population. The EGL association has joined Aglaé, in the seraglio of Nice LGBT associations of contact and conviviality. Their mission is to promote Nice to the outside world and to inform tourists who want to enjoy their stay on the French Riviera.

Nice Kael T Block myGayTrip.com
View of Nice © Kael T Block

The cultural dimension is not left out with Polychromes, which organized its first LGBT film festival in May 2009. Clubbing has also exploded: the Rainbow Power party at the High Club, in the summer of 2008, brought about a revival in Nice's gay nightlife, which had fallen asleep a little with the hysterical but solitary Klub. For a year now, the number of mixed parties (High Club, Mega Top) and gay establishments has been increasing. Lesbian parties are multiplying: let's mention the transgenerational parties W at Glam or the dynamic Madmoizelles.

The clichés still have a hard life, but it is enough to spend a weekend in Nice to realize that they are only chimeras.the city has rejuvenated, it is an unavoidable pole, between Italy and Provence, which also assumes its cultural dimension: contemporary art and theater have the beautiful part there. In short, Nice is on the way to becoming a first-class gay and lesbian spot.

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