Interview : Pam Ann is back in Europe
July 06 2014
by misterb&b

Interview : Pam Ann is back in Europe

As announced last May, Pam Ann will be back on a European Tour next fall. The queerest and trashiest flight attendant will play her new show "Plane Filthy" which promises to be the filthiest, funniest, most explosive show to date. We talked with Caroline Reid aka Pam Ann. As you will see, she cannot wait to meet her fans agains, especially her French audience.

Are you happy to be back in Europe ?
Caroline Reid : If Ididn’t live in New York City I would live in Paris: I am in love with you. I can’t wait to come to my second home. I really must learn French but why when you all speak English anyway (Laugh) Oh and I will have to lose weight again, damn it!

What are your inspirations for this new show?
CR : God knows I improvise so much. So I don’t really plan anything until nearer the time. Hopefully another plane goes missing, that always helps with new material. I do have some fabulous new in-flight movies and of course new costumes and hair.

Has Pam Ann changed since her last trip in Europe?
CR : I got fat

What news did inspire you for this show?
CR : Well at the moment it is Malaysia airlines PING!

Will there be new characters with Pam Ann on stage?
CR : Lily my Asian character will be making an appearance.

Will the new show be as interactive with the public as the previous ones?
CR : No idea what you mean LOL

Are your Europeans fans differents from your other fans around the world ?
CR : Well the Parisians are on another level as I said I am in love with you. Your style, attitude and cuntiness is the best in the world and I mean that in a good way.

You live in New York , what are your favorite places there ?
CR : My apartment overlooking Manhattan, I live in the sky

A bar ? Restaurant? A club? A store?
CR : The Boom Boom Room, Bottino and Bergdorf Goodman

In which other city do you feel like home ?
CR : Paris because it’s got style and it’s magical

The perfect city to party ?
CR : NYC it never sleeps

In what city did you meet the most handsome guys ?
CR : Buenos Aires

The perfect city to fall in love ?
CR : Paris

The perfect city to get married?
CR : FUCK OFF I don’t believe in marriage it’s so redundant.

The sexiest city?
CR : NYC in the summertime

The most gay -friendly city?
CR : Tel Aviv

The most gay -friendly airline?
CR : Lufthansa

Which item do you always carry while traveling?
CR : Mason and Pearson hair brush

Aisle or window seat?
CR : Aisle on a 737, Window in first class A380

Your next trip?
CR : Mykonos, Greece

A destination that you do not know and that attracts you ?
CR : Peru

Last, could you share one of your recent holiday picture ?
CR : Fuck I haven’t been on holiday yet but I’ll send you something

All details about the European Tour : http://www.pamann.com/

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