Travel gay-friendly with misterb&b
Jul 11 2014
by Marc Dedonder

Travel gay-friendly with misterb&b

With major European Gay pride events, major gay clubbing festivals coming in Barcelona or Mykonos, but also event exhibitions in European capitals, cravings for a getaway weekend or vacation in the sun with friends, there are plenty of opportunities to travel gay! misterb&b is like a gay b&b

But once you decided to travel, then comes the tricky part: the accomodation. How to find good accommodation, close enough to the city center, near the gay district for that matter, a cozy home, not too impersonal, where you can be open about your sexuality and especially that is not going to ruin it for the rest of your stay?

To help you find this gem, there is now misterb&b, a gay-friendly apartments and rooms rental website. Based on the principle of private rentals, the site connects gay or gay-friendly hosts, looking to rent their apartment or house and travelers looking for a vacation with a more personal touch than the traditional hotels. Let's find your next gay accommodation

First big advantage, you are sure that you will be 100% yourself, no need to be discreet about your sexuality when meeting your host, you can hold your boyfriend's hand, nobody will stare at you!

misterb&b gay apartment rentals

Second benefit: your host knows the local gay life, he can show you around, give you valuable advice on bars, clubs, restaurants, parties, shopping, cruising, beaches etc..

Third advantage, but not the least, it’s a win-win deal: the host makes some money while you get a cheaper and more personal accommodation.

Depending on your wishes, you can choose to stay with your host, who will be present during your stay or to have the whole apartment to yourself. At the end of your stay you can leave a review on your host's apartment and in return, he will also tell great things about you after you leave his home.

All the most gay friendly destinations are listed on the site, Barcelona, Paris, London, New York, Berlin but also Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Sydney. After a year online, misterb&b already has nearly 6,000 apartments in more than 100 countries worldwide. In addition to these listings, misterb&b also offers detailed guides of the most iconic gay neighborhoods, Eixample, Soho, Schöneberg etc. There are thousand of gay rooms

With misterb&b, you will be able to experience something different. If you are tired of hotel rooms without personality, renting a real apartment in the heart of the city, at a moderate price, will be the key to discovering your next gay destination!

Try misterb&b for your next trip: www.misterbandb.com, gay flats