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Host Story: Life is pretty good in Orlando
Oct. 07 2016
by Theo

Host Story: Life is pretty good in Orlando
misterb&b host stories

What is the life like with misterb&b, the gay short term rental service? misterb&b hosts like Bruce & Todd, from Orlando share their stories:

"One of the things we love most about misterb&b is getting to meet gay men from literally around the world! The vast majority of our guests have visited from outside of the United States. It has been such an eye-opening experience to hear these men & couples share about life as gay men in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, & Australia, and compare stories! Some of the stories make us grateful that we live in a city as gay-friendly as Orlando! Other stories make us want to go visit our guests in their home countries!

One year ago, one of our regular guests suggested that we try becoming hosts on misterb&b because, he said we were already such great hosts! Plus it would be a fun way for us to make extra money. We decided to give it a try and, in November 2015, we had our first guests!

misterb&b host stories

Our first guests were a couple visiting America from Dubai! They both worked for Emirates Airlines. They had visited San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and, finally, Orlando! We were their final stop on their trip, and they took this trip to the states as an opportunity to try out misterb&b for the first time! 

Between all of the theme parks, there is already so much to do in Orlando! So Daniel & Albert (as well as many of the guests we have hosted since them) spent most of their stay visiting places such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. However, we had found some time to spend getting to know each other. We even got them to meet the couple who suggested that we become misterb&b hosts!

misterb&b host stories

Daniel & Albert are wonderful people and we became fast friends! We have stayed in touch on Facebook and followed each other's lives as they have evolved & changed. Today, Daniel & Albert are now engaged and starting a new life together in Sydney, Australia! Meanwhile, I have started a new career as a flight attendant, which sent me to a new life in San Francisco! My husband Todd continues to host more misterb&b guests from our home in Orlando. Now that we have flight benefits and friends to stay with, we have a reason to travel to Australia! We can't wait to visit!

misterb&b host stories

Thank You misterb&b for making our world just a little bit smaller!

Bruce & Todd

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