Host story: Hosting is a journey leading to your better self
Mar. 11 2017
by Theo

Host story: Hosting is a journey leading to your better self
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What is the life like with hosting the gay community on misterb&b, the gay short term rental service? Jesús had his concerns about sharing his place in the beginning, but now he is enjoying it so much! So what changed his mind?


I think that hosting for the gay community is quite similar like on other websites. The difference is that most of the time you spend more time with the guests/friends, and give more advices about the city.

We met different people from very different parts of the world, and of course with very different mindsets. It is so much fun to meet amazing people sometimes and show them around our city. We pick them up at the airport when it is possible and start doing a little tour. After that we go to the apartment and explain the things they can do in the city, but we also ask what they would rather do: if they just want to go clubbing or to the beach because they already know the city, we just advise on the best places. We have made really good friends like Fred and Alexandre from Nantes, and now we have been to Nantes and they came back to Lisbon for several times.

Every guests is different, some like nightlife, others just touristing, some are simply beach goers…but there is one thing in common: everybody loves the Portuguese food and the lower prices of Lisbon! :9 Sometimes we spend some time with our guests. We always respect their own plans, for instance when you see couples, usually they prefer to enjoy a romantic tour in Lisbon just by themselves.

What interesting thing have your heard, and what new things have you learned since hosting?

When we began to rent our apartment we were very afraid, because it was our house, our space, but during all this time we only have positives experiences about it, things like improving our languages, meeting different people, cultures, so WE ARE LOVING misterb&b!!!



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