Host story: Opening your mind and becoming a better person
May 20 2017
by Saverio

Host story: Opening your mind and becoming a better person
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Meet Pepe! He is a graphic designer and a devoted host from Granada. He enjoys spending time with his guest, showing them around and making portraits of them. He is truly cheerishing his misterb&b experience. Read his story and get inspired too. There are many waiting to stay like a gay local in your city. 


I'm very lucky, I always meet a lot of interesting people from everywhere, and any guest has a nice history about his journey or his life. For example, a couple of teachers form Switzerland that live in the mountains, a nice boy from Costa Rica very interested in Spanish culture and politics or a cute boy from Brazil that invited me to the carnival next year. I feel overall very lucky!

I love hosting people, and help during their trip. That’s because I love travelling too and I know what kind of support you need when you are traveling. Also, I am gay, so I think I can understand the needs of gay travelers and I know what they should look for in my city. Hosting gay people is a wonderful experience!

And I think my guests have all nice impressions about misterb&b and hopefully treasure nice memories about their stay in Granada. I usually like to show them the city, the gay areas. Sometimes if our schedules match, I show them a nice hot-spring near the city – it’s an amazing natural place to take a bath, very famous within the gay community.


What interesting things have your heard, and what new things have you learned since hosting?

I'm very curious, and I like to ask about the country or lifestyle of guest. So I have learned a lot of things thanks to them, especially English language (in the beginning I couldn't speak so much) But the most important I have learned is the respect for diversity: every person is completely different and hosting taught me how easy it is to open one’s mind and become a better person. 


How Do you spend time hanging out with your guests?

If I can, I enjoy spending time with my guests. Granada is an amazing city, with lots of hidden wonderful corners, monuments -the Alambra for instance is the most visited monument in Spain- bars, parties, landscapes, nature, the highest mountains in Spain, the tropical coast. It is a paradise, but you must to know how to get the places, and for me is a pleasure to show all this to my guest. That's because I'm very proud of my city. And I like riding my mini cabrio with good company!


What is your best memory with your guest?

There are many. But maybe taking a bath in the hot-springs at night, under the moonlight, talking for hours or maybe drawing some guest – I love to draw and paint and when they find out guests ask me to draw them very quickly. When I deliver them my small creation it’s very nice to see the amazement on their faces. Every guest left and still leave me remarkable memories.




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