Host story Zurich: Hosting gives you a new perspective
May 27 2017
by Saverio

Host story Zurich: Hosting gives you a new perspective
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Meet Vladislav and Michael. They're a couple living in Zurich and both working in the aviation industry. So, it goes without saying that they have a passion for traveling! On top of that, they're very proud of their experience with the gay community of travelers they've encountered through misterb&b. They'd love to welcome you to Zurich, Switzerland's largest city, if you're planning a trip!


Hi guys! What interesting people have you met through hosting?

We wouldn’t offer a room on misterb&b if we weren’t interested in people and we really can say that every single guest has an interesting story to share. Be it the amazing couple working as dancers on a cruise ship; the super communicative gentleman from the USA sharing his experiences of living in Tokyo, or simply the traveler from Taiwan, telling us about gay life in his home country.

We think it’s great to have such a thing for the gay community. It makes gay traveling so much easier and is a great way to share experiences and make new friends all over the world.


What's your impression of gay guests? What do they like to do?

To talk a lot! Just kidding :) But it’s true, in a way; we think it’s much easier to connect faster with gay guests and have had some really good chats. Of course, they want to know about the gay venues and where to go out in the evening. Otherwise, gay travelers do not differ so much from straight ones; they want to explore and feel the city they’re in. Our aim is to make their stay a memorable one.


What's the best conversation you've had with a guest?

It’s really hard to say as there's not only one good conversation; we've had so many good chats with our guests. We have a regular guest, staying with us every now and then. We can say that we really became friends and we've had many great conversations with him. He also got inspired by our rooftop terrace garden and now we frequently exchange our know-how about urban gardening!

In general, meeting people from all around the world opens your horizons a lot. It also gives a new perspective on your own city and country. Travelers admire the cozy yet urban atmosphere of Zurich, and we’ve been told a lot that there are many pretty boys on the street. So Zurich is worth a visit in many ways!



How do you spend time hanging out with your guests?

We always try to spend at least one evening with our guests, if they wish to of course. We cook dinner, have a beer or a glass of wine and chat: we love doing that! If a guest prefers to be for himself, that’s fine for us, too!


Do you have any fun stories about guests?

Yes, a funny memory we have is actually with a guest we never really met. We were on a city trip while having a guest at our place and came back the day he left. Our flight landed a few minutes before theirs left, we rushed to their gate and managed at least to wave to each other. We’re still in touch and hope to meet one day! ●




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