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The Covid-19 coronavirus crisis hit us right when our growth was exceeding 20% per month, thanks to the addition of a large catalogue of LGBTQ-friendly hotels on our platform last December. Travel restrictions abruptly halted this growth, preventing us from reaching the break-even point and becoming profitable for the first time. For seven months now, misterb&b has been in hibernation mode with dramatic cost reductions, a hiring freeze, temporary unemployment, pay cuts, and the aid  of governmental and private relief funds.

Despite these efforts, and the partial return of our activity between June and September, we must admit that the months ahead are going to be extremely difficult. In our hearts, we do not believe that travel will resume for real before the summer of 2021. That’s nine  more months to go!

We hate to interrupt your day with this message, as we can imagine you have other things to read or do. But there you have it. If every person who opened this email, and could  afford it, joined our team of investors on WeFunder (minimum investment is $100, around €85), misterb&b could continue to thrive for years to come, and offer the entire LGBTQ travel community the opportunity to experience  a more welcoming world.

When we created misterb&b, many told us that it would never work, claiming  the “market” was too small. Yet, six years on misterb&b has grown to become the world’s largest LGBTQ-friendly accommodation booking site. Our teams (around twenty people currently) work tirelessly on a daily basis to offer you the best possible experience. By becoming an investor, you will show them how much their work means to you.

We imagine that most recipients will ignore this message. We just hope you take a minute to  think about the importance of a platform like ours in your life as an LGBTQ traveler. Imagine the next time you search for a LGBTQ-friendly stay, you realize that misterb&b no longer exists? This is not what we want, and we can imagine it’s not what you want either. We thank you all for your time and attention.

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Our LGBTQ travel index: where it’s safe to 'travel while gay' over the holidays
Nov. 26 2018
by misterb&b

Our LGBTQ travel index: where it’s safe to 'travel while gay' over the holidays
LGBTQ travel index

Hate crime incidents have increased by 17% from 2016 in the U.S., as reported by the FBI’s yearly "Hate Crime Statistics" report in November; 20.6% of these were due to sexual-orientation, and 1.9% to gender identity bias. This was the largest reported increase by the report in almost 20 years (since the September 11 attacks).. 


Additionally, the risk is even more acute abroad - homosexuality is illegal in a third of the world, and in 8 countries, it is punishable by death. There have been multiple reported homicides and assaults in Iran, Egypt, and Brazil against the LGBTQ community in the past few years. This unfortunate reality makes traveling while gay extremely risky and potentially life-threatening, with vacationers, honeymooners or business travelers having to do critical safety research and extreme preparation before any type of a trip - in the US or abroad.

This year our family at misterb&b have teamed up with our data science A-team, and have created the misterb&b Holiday LGBTQ Travel Index—a ranking of the safest and most in-demand gay-friendly cities for LGBTQ travelers over the holidays. Why did we do this? We are the world’s largest short-term rental marketplace dedicated to the Gay community - and it’s critically important for us to help keep gay travelers safe as they travel around the world, wherever that may be. 


This year, we wanted to help allies of the LGBTQ community keep their loved ones safe as they travel. So we’ve launched the misterb&b gift card, which you can use to instantly email your loved ones. Give them the freedom to feel safe abroad by staying with gay hosts and in gay-friendly communities, and treat them to a gift of discovery. 


The Holiday LGBTQ Holiday Travel Index


To compile the Holiday LGBTQ Travel Index, we looked at what gay-friendly cities are the most popular for LGBTQ travelers overall and for the holidays specifically. The misterb&b Holiday LGBTQ Travel Index measures two things: 1) the volume of searches and bookings for each city on the misterb&b website over the holiday season, and 2) each country’s marriage equality laws and anti-hate crime laws specifically protecting LGBTQ people. 


Hottest LGBTQ Holiday Global Travel 

1 Wilton Manors, Florida, USA

2 Palm Springs, California, USA

3 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

4 Cathedral City, California, USA

5 Miami Beach, Florida, USA

6 Provincetown (Cape Cod), Massachusetts, USA

7 Wailuku, Hawaii, USA

8 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9 Limehouse (London), UK

10 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

11 St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

12 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

13 Lersoen (Copenhagen), Denmark

14 Arco da Calheta (Madeira), Portugal

15 Montevideo, Uruguay

16 Oakland Park, Florida, USA

17 Dallas, Texas, USA

18 Vienna, Austria

19 Honolulu, Hawaii

20 Maspalomas (Canary Islands), Spain


Hottest LGBTQ Travel Overall

1 Paris, France

2 Barcelona, Spain

3 New York, NY, USA

4 Amsterdam, Netherlands

5 London, UK

6 Madrid, Spain

7 San Francisco, CA, USA

8 Lisbon, Portugal

9 Chicago, IL, USA

10 Los Angeles, CA, USA

11 Palm Springs, CA, USA

12 Toronto, ON, Canada

13 Lyon, France

14 Nice, France

15 Sitges, Spain


Was your favorite gay travel destination missing from our list? Let us know by sending us your suggestions to: If you’re feeling inspired to travel to one of these top-rated destinations this holiday season, find your ideal misterb&b now and get packing.

Cover photo: Flickr/GPS


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