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Mexico City: Sharing rewards
Jan. 04 2019
by Saverio

Mexico City: Sharing rewards

Hugo loves hosting travelers in Mexico City. He's proud of his days as a host since misterb&b helped him make interesting encounters with beautiful strangers from everywhere. It also contributes to his rent and the maintainance expenses of his house. If he could choose he would host everyday. Experience your pride with misterb&b. 


What does hosting for the gay community mean to you and why did you become a host?

Hosting gay travelers is one way for me to participate in the proper development of the LGBT community. I also think that when traveling, the experience with local or foreigners living on site is essential and contributes to the making of an unforgettable, safe and unique trip.


What is your level of interaction with your guests: do you hang out with them, do you show them around?

I am always here for my guests and I take care to respect at all times their privacy and intimacy. When the opportunity arises, I gladly share a dinner with my travelers or we will go out together.


© IG/cdmx_oficial


Tell us about interesting people you have met through misterb&b

Each meeting was a real pleasure for me. I have in mind two particularly enjoyable encounters: the first with a photographer from National Geographic, super interesting, having traveled a lot. The second with a Spaniard living in New York and working for a big brand of ready-to-wear, he is very nice and funny, we even met in New York!


In your opinion what attracts guests to your city

Coming to Mexico City is a 360-degree cultural experience: lush vegetation, incredible and diverse gastronomy, endless historical heritage, dazzling craftsmanship and magical sights. The gay scene is also very varied and after meeting a Latin love, you will not want to leave!


 © IG/cdmx_oficial


Your best memory of a guest?

Thanks to misterb&b, I met a Spanish guy living in New York. This guy was super funny and took part in home chores with me, we even went to have breakfast and dinner together. I really felt like I had a long time friend at home. I even went to visit him in New York.


Do you feel more involved with the LGBTQ community since you started hosting?

Yes, definitely. From the moment the travelers book at home, I help them in all that is possible. We make a plan to visit the most important places to see depending on the weather, I recommend restaurants, places to go out or even to have a good time…

 © IG/conoce_mexico


What's the nicest thing a guest has ever done for you? Do they ever bring gifts?

One day I came home from work and I had a lot of things to do. In particular, I had to envelope more than 500 invitations for an event, happening the next day. Upon seeing me coming back from work, Pepe immediately offered me his help. We spent several hours together wrapping the invitations, over a glass of wine. Guests do not always leave a present, however, my last guest offered me a book in relation to a professional project I am developing. It was absolutely adorable!


How has hosting impacted your life?

The impact is definitely positive! I love to have people at home and share my world with them. That's life! Of course, this also involves organization and rigor but it is a very healthy stress, one that carries rewards such as beautiful encounters and money to help you pay the rent and maintenance for the apartment.  ●




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