#2021Wrapped: Best LGBTQ Moments
Dec. 15 2021
by Lachlan

#2021Wrapped: Best LGBTQ Moments

As we’re about to hit the end of 2021, we thought we would take a walk down memory lane, and look back on some of the year’s most iconic LGBTQ moments. From countries decriminalizing homosexuality to one very inclusive Olympic Games and more, let’s look back on 2021 with pride, and look forward to 2022 with new beginnings and opportunities.


Tokyo Games 2021


Tokyo clearly made up for lost time with this iconic Olympic Games which took place over the summer of 2021. Often referred to as the Rainbow Games, this was the world’s most inclusive Olympic Games to date, with some 182 LGBTQ and non-binary athletes participating, including the popular Tom Daley. 


Angola goes more LGBTQ-friendly

On February 24, Angola decriminalized homosexual relations, and even introduced a new law which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. We can’t wait to see what’s next in store for Angola and other parts of Africa.  


Pakistan opens state-run school for transgender students

©Flickr/Ted Eytan

On July 8, Pakistan made headlines by opening its first public school for transgender students in the central city of Multan. The opening is a promising opportunity for local trans people to have greater career prospects in the future. 


Elliot Page features on the cover of Time Magazine

©IG/The Queer Review

From March 29 to April 5, Elliot Page became the first trans man to feature on the cover of the iconic Time Magazine. With the caption “I’m fully who I am” this was a great representation of pride and acceptance.


Canada gets even more LGBTQ

Following the Canadian Elections in September, elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed the most LGBTQ cabinet in Canada's parliament's history. We're looking forward to see what the country's 44th cabinet has in store for this already very LGBTQ country.  


Malta stays on top

©See the Nomadic Boys great article on Malta 

Every year, ILGA Europe publishes its Rainbow Europe Map, ranking each country’s respect of LGBTQ rights and general level of equality. Once again, Malta topped the list, with an impressive score of 94%. 


Non-binary passports issued in the US

On October 27, the US delivered its first non-binary passport, giving people the option to select X as opposed to M or F. 


Denmark was all about Pride

©Hojbro Plads 

Denmark has a lot to be proud of in 2021. In August, both Copenhagen and Malmö were host cities for not only WorldPride2021, but also the popular Euro Games. Loads of LGBTQ people flocked to Denmark during this time, and the atmosphere was electric!   


A tribute to Harvey Milk

On November 6, the US Navy launched and christened a new ship named after the late Harvey Milk. Harvey Milk served in the navy for fours years during the Korean War, and later became California's first openly gay elected official.


Things returned to some normality 

While certain travel restrictions remain in place, many parts of the world opened up again. On November 8, the US lifted its international travel ban after 19 months, reuniting families and reacquainting people with the joy of travel.

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Cover Image: ©Farshid Nasrabadi

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