Self-service bicycles soon to be seen in the streets of New York!
Sept 15 2011
by Rédaction

Self-service bicycles soon to be seen in the streets of New York!

After winning over Europe and Canada, self-service bicycle arrives in full force in one of the gayest destination of the United States: the City of New York has announced the launch in summer 2012 of a fleet of 10 000 bikes spread over 600 terminals. The Bixi system of Montreal, launched in 2009 in Quebec's largest city, was selected by the city of New York. It will make the largest fleet of self-service bicycle all over North America.

The principle is exactly the same as that of Vélo'v in Lyon or Vélib 'in Paris. Before they can borrow the bikes across, cyclists must register and pay a subscription. It will be cheaper than a monthly subscription public transportation in New York, that is to say less than 104 dollars a year (about 75euros).

Bixi of Montreal has already successfully exported to London and Washington.

This is an automatic translation of an article originally written in French 

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