The Sleepbox, the little box to sleep
Sept 16 2011
by Rédaction

The Sleepbox, the little box to sleep

Decaux invented the automatic public toiletsplaced on the sidewalks of our cities. As we learn from Springwise.coma Russian company has just invented the Sleepboxa self contained cabin designed to offer its occupants a totally isolated place to rest, in a very lively environement such as an airport.

Dimensions : 1.4 m wide, 2 m long, 2.3 m high. Inside : a bed, whose linens are changed automatically, luggage spaceelectrical outlets, WiFi and a LCD screen. Access will be charged of course : the designers suggest something between 15 dollars an hour and 50 dollars a night.

This "rest cabin" is especially designed for airports, railway stations and airlines that may want to install them in their airport loungesA first Sleepbox was newly installed at the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. A hotel made ​​entirely of Sleepbox should come to life also in Moscow in 2012.

A similar concept, the Napcabalready exists at the Munich Airport, Terminal 2, is H32

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