Gay gatherings at the Munich Oktoberfest!
Sept 19 2011
by Marc Dedonder

Gay gatherings at the Munich Oktoberfest!

The Oktoberfest is in full swing since last Saturday in MunichGermany. As many as 6 million visitors from around the world are expected for this event that has become over time the world's most popular after the Rio Carnival! What is less known is that thisin appearance very rustic and very "un-friendly" festival is actually one of the major gay events in Munich!

Traditionally, at the initiative of the association Münchner Löwen Club, gays meet on the first Sunday of the Oktoberfest in one of the 14 official giant tents, the Bräurosl, with their traditional Bavarian costumes : red plaid shirt and leather breeches, the famous Lederhose.

Tightened on wooden benches, they sing, they dance, they kiss, they hug, they clink glasses and toast again, with their Maß of beer, 1 liter mugs! Over 600 places are reserved by the association for this "Gay Sunday", not to mention hundreds more reserved by individuals : it is the largest gay gathering in Munich after gay pride!

On this Monday afternoon, another major gay event happens at Oktoberfest : the RoslMontag. It is less formal and free. Gays are expected to gather from 5 PM, in the Bräurosl tent , and share a few pints of lager and enjoy the event together.

Millions of liters of beer and hundreds of thousands of roast chicken demolished in a few days by six million visitors from all over the world... The 178th Oktoberfest ends on October, 3.

(Photo © Moshe Bar-Levy)

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