Discover the gay version of the "SAS crew guide"
Nov 24 2011
by Rédaction

Discover the gay version of the "SAS crew guide"

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) made out nicely in 2010 with its "Love is in the Air » campaign, which led to the first gay and lesbian weddings in the air, December 6, 2010, aboard a SAS flight between Stockholm and New York.

Riding on the vibe, the company decided to follow up on its campaign specifically directed at gays and lesbians with a renewed micro-site dedicated to the LGBT community and a gay version of its « SAS crew guide ».

The "SAS Crew Guide" is a guide published annually for 7 years now. It allows flight attendants of the company to share their best addresses of restaurants, bars, clubs etc.. around the world.

To fit the gay market, SAS made it into short videos available on its LGBT micro-site: there are 3 videos (Eat / Play / See), where SAS gay flight attendants share their best gay places in Stockholm with Anton Hysen, the sexy Swedish soccer player, who made a sensational coming out this spring.

Among the addresses, Chokladkoppen café, Fotografiska museum or Millesgården. Apart from these videos, you will also find other addresses in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Oslo, maps and links to help you prepare your next gay weekend in the Nordic countries!

SAS was the first European airline to launch an LGBT micro-site, while most U.S. companies already run one for nearly 10 years. According to SAS , it is estimated that every 13th customer of the company is LGBT.

(Main picture: Swedish soccer player Anton Hysen, openly gay, as he apparead in the gay magazine Attitude Active)

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