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Gay Mexico City

Mexico City Gay Restaurants

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Consider yourself a foodie? How about a gourmond? There’s no doubt gay Mexico City will impress you with an incredible selection of diverse cuisines from its decorated world-renowned restaurants to the eclectic and comforting street food vendors.

Classic Mexico City restaurants

Serving Mexico City since 1915, Bellinghausen is a charming place for a midday lunch in the restaurant’s stunning outdoor patio. Love seafood? This restaurant has an incredible selection of shrimp dishes that will make you feel like you’re dining on the beach.

Surely you’ve heard of Pujol? This restaurant’s modern and innovative take on classic Mexican cuisine has become one of the top restaurants in the world (or at least the most talked about.) Enjoy the handsome ambiance of the restaurant be be sure to order the famous mole before dessert.

For another fabulous meal, head into Quintonil. Culinary creativity is the name of the game at this upscale Polanco restaurant with one of the coziest ambiances in town.

Vegetarian/vegan options in Mexico City

Looking for a good and hearty vegetarian or vegan restaurant? Don’t worry, Mexico City has plenty of options. The Forever chain is modeled after American-style restaurants and has incredible vegan options. Coconut ceviche, anyone? Find one location in Roma and another in Polanco.

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