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Los Angeles Gay Saunas & Cruising

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When it comes to letting off steam in the steam, Los Angeles offers a smorgasbord of venues to release your inner devil. A handful of bath houses still exist within the city and underground parties with tempting darkrooms are becoming more commonplace. This makes the Los Angeles gay cruising scene a popular attraction for those looking for something a little kinky in this Californian city. After you've explored the gay bars of LA's gay district WeHO, and you've strolled down Hollywood Boulevard, stop by a local gay sauna and experience some gay cruising Los Angeles style. Whether you're after a steam room, a Jacuzzi, or simply the chance to connect with some locals at a popular gay sauna in town, you'll find it in LA. 

If your idea of the pefect gay cruising experience in Los Angeles involves gay nude sunbathing, you need to head to Flex. This place is reputed for having the best outdoor pool for nude sunbathing and skinny dipping, and we couldn't agree more. It is also the oldest and most historic venue in terms of the gay sauna Los Angeles scene, so it remains a very popular gay cruising option for locals and tourists alike. Flex is the best-reviewed in town, and is close to Silver Lake’s Eagle and Faultline bars, meaning you can easily make a beeline here in between bar sessions should you wish. Along with a dreamy outdoor swimming pool, you can enjoy all the usual staples that come with a gay sauna, including a steam room and video room, as well as the added bonus of a fully-equipped gym.  

In DTLA, the Midtowne Spa offers everything you could want from gay cruising in LA. Freshen up in the large indoor swimming pool and mingle with other gay sauna goers, then once you're ready to heat up, let off some 'steam' in the sauna or steam room. If you are looking to soak up some vitamin D, be sure to make a beeline for the tanning deck, and should you happen to meet Mr. Right for the day, enjoy one of the private rooms available. But Midtowne Spa goes beyond being just a gay sauna. On top of that, it also features weekly performances from some of the biggest (quite literally!) porn stars. If you want to experience a top gay sauna Los Angeles, this place will deliver. Open 24/7, and catered to gay and bisexual men, Midtowne Spa is catered to any taste of visitor, looking for one of the best gay saunas in Los Angeles.  

In the heart of Hollywood, the Zone LA lures many WeHo locals with a dark ambiance, and it is only a short Uber ride away from the bars and clubs of Santa Monica Boulevard. In the Valley, North Hollywood Spa may be the largest club, with over 100 rooms, large group steams and showers, and even a popular restaurant (just make sure you scrub your hands before dining!). Soak up some vitamin D on the dreamy terrace, which comes with sun lounges, and make some new friends along the way. In terms of the best gay cruising Los Angeles offers, this place is one of the frontrunners, so be sure to pencil a visit here into your itinerary. This gay sauna is also open 24 hours, 7 days a week, so you have the opportunity to visit at any point during your trip to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles gay cruising with dark rooms

If you like the idea of doing some Los Angeles gay cruising in a dark room, head to Slammer in Silver Lake. This venue is geared toward gear lovers but lacks the saunas, steam rooms, and private rooms of Los Angeles bathhouses. Instead, think slings and restraints, so be sure to leave your inhibitions at home, and prepare for a gay cruising experience in Los Angeles like nothing else. Silver Lake is located to the north of LA's downtown, so why not make a full day out your gay cruising experience there?  

If you happen to be in town at the right time, and have the right connections to receive an invite, the Spotlight Party typically hosts a Berlin-style darkroom while techno pounds on the nearby dance floor. This is a great gay cruising alternative to the typical gay saunas and gay bath houses of Los Angeles, and you have the added bonus of enjoying some incredible music as you mingle. From gay saunas downtown, to bathhouses in West Hollywood, find the perfect gay cruising in LA, and experience your pride! 

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