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With 1 million listings in 200 countries, misterb&b is THE choice for LGBTQ travelers when they want to travel and stay within their community. But just like for all of you, the last past months have been hard for the company, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. As we noticed the first signs mid-February, we acted quickly and made sure we would weather this unprecedented storm and we could further fulfill our mission for the LGBTQ community: help our community travel safe, connect and feel welcome everywhere they go.

We expect this travel disruption will end as others have before. Thanks to a strong operating model and a loyal global gay community of travelers, we are confident in our strategy. We continue to manage the company carefully to maintain and build value for the long term. We remain optimistic since we were on a very solid path prior to the crisis (20% month over month growth): the addition of hotels and incremental inventory was driving our business with strong growth until mid-February.



On June 2, we launched our second equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder: a sharing economy company, we choose equity crowdfunding again as an opportunity to motivate active participation of our global community and extend the opportunity to the LGBTQ community and their allies who are not accredited investors, but may still be interested in the "triple bottom line" - people, purpose, profits.

We are happy and proud to offer an opportunity to a new generation of investors to help more gay travelers stay safe around the world. They can now invest in misterb&b through this campaign on Wefunder, the largest funding portal by investment volume and investor returns.

Are you interested too in taking misterb&b to a new level and together, continuing to create a more welcoming world?

Invest now! All the details about the campaign (amounts, terms, etc.), the latest about the company (2019 financials, officers & directors, investors…) and Wefunder by clicking this button.


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"Once again I feel this is a great concept at the right time covering the right people to use the services."

- Gary, USA

"I invested because many friends have had success with misterb&b. I also believe in supporting LGBTQ businesses. I wish the team much success."

- Darrell, USA

"Great company have used them for various travels in the past and it's great for the lgbt+ to have somewhere to call home whilst away"

- Bernard, UK



What is an equity crowdfunding campaign? 

Equity crowdfunding provides a way for individuals (non accredited investors) to invest and participate in investment opportunities and reap the benefits. You will own a part of the misterb&b company!

“We are reaching out to the most passionate people in the community: our hosts and our guests as well as LGBTQ allies,” said Matthieu Jost, misterb&b co-founder & CEO. “We want to give them a unique opportunity to own a piece of what we have built, and to financially benefit - thus helping give back to our incredible community.”

Why another round on Wefunder?

During the recent health crisis, we’ve been considering all the options to strengthen our position, given the uncertainty for the months to come. After a successful 2019 crowdfunding campaign, we thought a second round would be an opportunity to renew the bond between the community and the company as you will get shares of the company in exchange for your financial support. Your investment will help sustain and accelerate what we’ve built together over the last 5 years.

What are the terms?

You invest on a convertible note (it’s a loan that converts into equity after the company has an equity financing or after 3 years), with a 3% yearly interest, the valuation of the company is $40M and there’s a 20% discount. See Wefunder page for all the details and explanations.

What will misterb&b do with the money? 

The successful 2019 Wefunder round enabled us to implement a large hotel offering and we now proudly list more than 1 million places (private rooms, apartments, LGBTQ-friendly hotels) in 200 countries. In 2020, the money raised will serve several purposes:

  • adapting to COVID-19 by offering new tools for hosts and guests to travel with peace of mind (project management, design, protocol writings, API, desktop and app integration);
  • fueling growth when it kicks back (marketing promotion);
  • taking our "mister for good" initiative to the next level by scaling up our efforts to provide emergency short term housing for those in our community most in need, like LGBTQ teenagers thrown out by their homophobic families;
  • giving us greater financial security in these challenging times.

The money raised on Wefunder will be used to shape the future of the company, not to cover for any losses due to the recent pandemic. We have been able to secure enough financial support to cover for those: bank loans, relief programs, help from existing investors etc.

How much can I invest?

This needs to be a real investment opportunity for all our community. Therefore, the minimum investment is set to $100 USD only so that all have the opportunity to participate. 


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