misterb&b 2020 LGBTQ Travel Survey

🌈 How Will We Travel Tomorrow?



How did the coronavirus pandemic impact travel for the LGBTQ community? Are LGBTQ travelers as resilient as some say? What is it going to take to make everyone comfortable to travel again? This is what we recently asked you through a survey that was sent out to your email box. Close to 6,000 replied, including 30% from the US, 12% from France and 9% from the UK. Here are the first learnings from this LGBTQ Travel Survey.







plan to travel again soon   will travel domestic only   will book 30 days before

38% of all respondents will enjoy a summer vacation before the end of August and 29% plan to travel again in September or October. Europeans are more likely to travel again soon than Americans (72% vs. 65%).

(5389 respondents for this question)


Not big surprise, only 40% of all LGBTQ travelers will travel abroad. 66% of American respondents will stay inside the US when 47% of the Europeans will travel abroad as soon as borders are reopened.

(3441 respondents for this question)


With the virus still circulating, LGBTQ travelers will mostly make last minute decisions: 26% will book 10 days max before their planned departure, 40% 10 to 30 days before. 

(3442 respondents for this question)


To those who said they were not ready to travel yet (16%) or didn't know (16%), we asked what would help them travel again. Here are their answers: 


#1   Discovery of a vaccine against Covid-19
#2   Lift of travel bans
#3   Approval of new drugs against Covid-19
#4   Improvement of financial situation
#5   Other

(1948 respondents for this question)


Big difference between American respondents and Europeans: Americans put the vaccine way ahead of all other propositions whereas Europeans (and the younger respondents) put the lift of travel restrictions way above all other reasons.


How will you travel in the coming months?

survey car

  survey train   survey plane   survey cruise
Survey ok   Survey KO   Survey ok   Survey KO

65% of all respondents are ready to travel with a car. That's 75% of all American respondents and 62% of the Europeans LGBTQ travelers.


64% won't take a bus/train for their first post virus trip. In Europe, where these transportation are more commonly used for domestic travel, only 55% won't use busses or trains.


Airlines will be happy to know that 60% of LGBTQ travelers are ready to board a plane for their first trip! The most confident are the young adults, (25 to 44 yo) with 64%.


That's a big "NO NO": 92% of all LGBTQ travelers are unlikely (including 79% VERY unlikely) to experience life on board a cruise ship in the coming months.


What kind of vacation do you plan this year?

#1 Beach   #2 City   #3 Nature   #4 LGBTQ

The beach is the top choice for a majority of LGBTQ travelers, right before urban destinations and city trips, nature adventures in the country side or in the mountains and last, LGBTQ events (most of them, including some of the iconic gay summer festivals have been canceled or postponed). If you look more closely, you realize that American travelers put Nature on Top of their list, when Europeans put the Beach #1. The youngest (18-34 yo) are more likely to attend an LGBTQ event. When asked about other kind of vacation, most replied "family/friends", "Cultural or Educational" and "Sports".



Where will you stay?

We asked LGBTQ travelers where they plan to stay for their first trip post Covid-19. The following results, and the additional comments left by a lot of respondents, are a clear indication that mitigating the risk of getting the coronavirus is key when planning a trip: Hotel and Resorts come first, especially for American travelers, as they perceive them as safer in terms of cleaning and disinfecting. When choosing a place on misterb&b, LGBTQ travelers have a preference for entire places rather than private rooms where you will need to stay with a host (we recommend you check our Covid-19 Cleaning Protocol for hosts and our Guidelines for guests).


#1   Hotel / Resort
#2   misterb&b entire place
#3   Family / friends
#4   misterb&b private room
#5   Other


When asked about other places where they plan to stay, respondents mostly replied: "Camping", "Own place" or "Motor home".

To those who did not choose "misterb&b entire place" or "misterb&b private room", we asked what would make them change their mind and book a misterb&b and this is what they answered:


#1   Place cleaned and disinfected regularly
#2   Flexibility (cancelations, rescheduling)
#3   24 hour period between 2 stays
#4   Contactless handoff of the keys
#5   Other


American travelers seem to be more focussed on cleanliness and Covid-19 guidelines than Europeans who have "Flexibility" as their #1 reason to choose a misterb&b. 

For those who answered with "Hotel/Resort", we asked what kind of hotels they prefer when traveling for business or for leisure: 43% go for Mid-range hotels, 22% for Gay hotels and 12% for Boutique hotels when traveling for leisure. For their business trips, they go for Mid-range hotels too (47%) but Luxury comes second (22%) and Gay third (14%).

Last, we asked LGBTQ travelers if the recent health and economic crisis had an impact on their financial situation and their travel budget: a majority (54%) say they will spend the same as usual for their trip, compared to 21% who will spend less this time and 12% more. 



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Finally, we asked you what destination(s) where on top of your list. Here are the big winners



  Spain   France

24% of all the destinations cited by the respondents are US-based. NYC, Palm Springs, Florida and San Francisco top the list.


13% of all the destinations cited by the respondents are located in Spain, a very gay-friendly European country with Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Madrid on top.


With 9% of all destinations cited by the respondents, France remains a very attractive destination for LGBTQ travelers, especially Paris, Brittany and the Atlantic Coast.


Top Destinations for US LGBTQ Travelers


#1    Palm Springs
#2    Florida
#3    New York City
#4    Fort Lauderdale
#5    Provincetown
#6    Puerto Vallarta
#7    San Francisco
#8    New Orleans
#9    Mexico
#10  Las Vegas


Top Destinations for European LGBTQ Travelers

#1    Spain
#2    France
#3    Italy
#4    Greece
#5    Gran Canaria
#6    Portugal
#7    Barcelona
#8    Germany
#9    Berlin
#10  Sitges