Looking for Gay Wedding Gifts? 🎁 🌈

Here come the groom and groom. Did you bring a proper gift? Whether you’re a gay wedding virgin (this is your first same-sex wedding) or there are so many gay nuptials on your calendar, you've begun sulking about the hit they’re taking on your plastic, you need gay wedding gifts ideas. Where to get those ideas? Easy: we're your gay wedding gifts authority, as concerned about your reputation as we are about your budget. If you can’t find something that speaks to the couple(s) on your list, we’ve got bad news: it may not exist!


So what is our solution to finding a wedding gift for gay couples? 

Commercialism hasn’t caught up to the revolution. You can’t walk into a store and expect to run into a plethora of gay wedding gifts--unless you found a specialty shop that sells His and His towels, so you don’t have to break up two linen sets to construct an appropriate pairing. Besides, what’s extraordinary about towels?

Shower registries are well and good, but if you pride yourself on giving unique presents, you need to think outside the gift box we’re going to open for you below. But be forewarned: These are no ordinary wedding gift for gay couples suggestions. They’re one-of-a-kind ideas that won’t be forgotten by the lucky couple any time soon.


5 cool gay wedding gifts ideas you’ll be proud to give  

1. Couples massages are perfect antidotes to post-wedding stress. Snag a pair of sexy Asian robes so you have something to bring to the wedding. Tuck that massage gift certificate into the box. Gay wedding gifts like this could make your reputation for creativity.

2. Give beer lovers a membership in the Beer of the Month Club. You get them started. If they want to continue, that’s on their dime, gift giver. Need a token to bring to the bash? How about “Some Dudes Marry Dudes” beer steins?

3. Get your hands on a photo of the engaged couple and send it to artist Lili DiPrima. For less than $150, she will create an original piece of art depicting the new family. This idea is so unique, you may want to bookmark Lili because this could become your go-to gift for straight weddings, too!

4. Put a fork in it so the grooms don’t eat their first slices of wedding cake with ordinary cutlery. These handmade, silver-plated forks are beautifully engraved with "Mr." on each. They're hand polished and tucked into a Kraft box tied with baker’s twine, ready to be presented.

5. But of course, no couple could ever forget your gift of a misterb&b gift card and will use it to make a dent in future travel plans the newlyweds make. As the largest gay travel community, we provide vacation rentals all over the world at various price points. Every rental we offer provides the added bonus of being gay-friendly, so the newlywed can enjoy a safe and relaxing vacation every time.

We would have put this wedding gift for gay couples idea first, but we were following mom’s advice by saving the best for last! To secure a misterb&b gift card, simply click "shop now."