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Auckland gay

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Largest urban area of New Zealand, Auckland City is located in the north of the North Island. The city is very cosmopolitan. Different populations coexist including British (European more generally), Asian and Polynesian. The town is best known due to its Sky Tower, a radio transmission tower which rises to 328m.

The major advantage of the island is undoubtedly its rich and welcoming nature. Its volcanoes, lakes, forests, sheeps ... But it is also the land of rugby and of the All Blacks. The thrill seekers can try bungy jumping, and the more adventurous can go watching whales ... Briefly, the activity is not lacking on this "end of the earth" land.

The gay community is growing in this city of 1.4 million inhabitants. The majority of gay venues is located on Karangahappe Road, more commonly known as "K Road". LGBT festival also takes place in February (during almost all the month) as well as the gay pride. More than 200,000 visitors come to this occasion.

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