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Gay Sitges
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Gay Sitges is a great little place to indulge in a little post- or pre-beach retail therapy. Strolling around the small winding streets, aside from the numerous gift shops (yes, expect "I heart Sitges" t-shirts) you’ll find designer boutiques, fashion outlets, food shops selling local delicacies, art galleries and the like.

And, of course, being a major LGBT hub, there are tonnes of options for gay stores in Sitges. Many shops are designed with tourists in mind, especially gay men. Being a seaside town, swimwear, beachwear and clothing are particularly available.

Many major underwear and swimwear labels such as Addicted, ES Collection have outlets in Sitges, while Menswear Sitges es4u stocks a wide range of all the big brands.

Sex and fetish stores in Sitges

Aside from clothes, Sitges has more than its fair share of sex stores and gay-specific stores. One of the most popular is The Mask, which sells leather, latex, cuffs, harnesses etc, as well as supplies of lubricant, poppers, etc.

Condomania Sitges is a fun store selling – obiously – condoms, but also lube, sex toys and other fun and fruity delights. Most of the stores in Sitges open at 10:00am, close for siesta between 13:00pm and 14:00pm, re-opening at 17:00pm.

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