Anti-Discrimination Policy

Last Updated: March 30th, 2018


Dear Users, 

misterb&b would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm the core values that form the bedrock of our project. Born out of the personal experience of one of our co-founders, misterb&b has always strived to connect people without prejudice, wherever they come from, wherever they go. 


Our DNA is to provide a safe haven for the gay community, and we are proud of the borderless network we have built together. We strongly believe that everyone, whoever they love, whoever they are, is entitled to travel and seek an adventure. We expect all of our LGBTQIA members to regard each other as they really are, equal. 


Since we have expanded all over the world, we now permit people to connect with others that may be different from each other, and some are not part of the LGBT+ community. This diversity is nothing but a sign of our success and an enriching opportunity for all of us. Regardless of where someone may sit on the spectrum of skin color, gender, beliefs, whatever someone's age, or difficulties, everyone should feel welcome on our platform, and of course, by our Hosts. Let’s not reproduce to other groups the similar prejudices that are facing the LGBT+ community. In a nutshell, the very spirit of this platform is to offer an inclusive and unbiased space for everyone to travel safely. 


To make sure this will not stay empty words, misterb&b is taking concrete steps toward our goal of inclusive and unbiased travel. Thus, our Terms of Use strictly prohibit the promotion of discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group.  Any content of this kind will be immediately removed. Moreover, we are reserving the right to sanction, from warning to banning, any Host or Guest that requests another to leave a space, cancels a booking, imposes different conditions, including higher fees, or makes the experience of another one difficult based on discriminatory grounds. Finally, we encourage you to bring any hate or discrimination speech, content or experience to our knowledge. We commit to deal with each case will all the due attention. 


Ensuring a pleasant experience for each of our users won’t be achieved without your help. In a way, this platform is what we all make of it. Together let’s prove it is possible to build bridges between people all over the world, beyond our differences. 




The misterb&b Management Team


This Anti-Discrimination Policy is part of misterb&b’s Terms of Use and incorporated therein.