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Gay Athens

Athens gay

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Athens, if it's the capital of Greece, it's also the capital Gay of Greece. She has the biggest concentration of gay bars of the country and the most important gay population of all Greece. Athens is a reference destination for the gays. Nevertheless it was not still evident and is not still completely today. Athens is still strongly subjected to the authority of the Greek Orthodox Church and its influence on the local population. Greece does not seem still ready for a total liberalization of its customs and many Greeks still undergo pressures on behalf of their families.

However Athens positions in an exemplary initiative of development of tolerance to the homosexual community and so aligns itself with the current tendency followed by all the European countries. This encouraging initiative makes of Athens a modern and committed city and it is strongly marked by the increasing number of pressure groups which are born to defend the rights of the gays.

The capital has its own Gay Pride at the end of May, the beginning of June and closes several days of festivities in all the city.

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