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Gay Cidade do México

Cidade do México gay

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Mexico city is one of the largest cities in the world and has a varied landscape: mountains with snow-capped volcanoes through large sunny beaches, tourists have the choice! Mexico is also a very rich culture and very marked between the explosive cocktail of tequila, fajitas and other spicy dishes, colorful, a warm and lilting Spanish, Mexican life is sparkling! The gay area named "Zona Rosa" can attest. Located near downtown St. Amberes, it is the main attraction of the city. Trendy shops, bars and fine restaurants make it the center of Mexico City chic. It is here that runs the Gay Pride in Mexico, "La Marcha", which includes several million participants on the last Saturday in June Suffice to say we do not get bored at La Zona Rosa. There is also a secondary gay center near Alameda Park where the more traditional gay venues. Finally, Mexico is also a cultural center where you can find the best museums in Latin America with all the country's colonial history and many historical monuments.

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