misterb&b: your answer to a gay airbnb


If you are looking for a Booking, Homeaway, or Airbnb alternative for your next gaycation, misterb&b is the ideal solution. Our service functions a little like a gay airbnb, where a global network of 210,000 hosts in over 135 countries rent either their entire home or a private room in their apartment to gay travelers. With misterb&b, you not only have the opportunity to travel the world renting cozy apartments, private rooms, and amazing homes, but you have the added bonus of being welcomed by the gay community everywhere you go.

An Airbnb alternative for gay travelers/A gay airbnb with a difference

As well as giving travelers the possibility to experience amazing gay accommodation, misterb&b helps create a world where gay men can travel more easily. By offering a platform of connection, gay men can interact with the ‘real world’, fostering greater bonds and strengthening the global gay community. Through stories from the misterb&b community, we hear of countless occasions where hosts and travelers have become great friends, maintaining solid and meaningful connections.

Something that also sets misterb&b apart from other accommodation platforms is the fact that it offers travelers the added convenience and assurance of being able to stay with a gay host. In doing so, gay travelers can not only feel safe and welcome during their accommodation stay, but they can also take advantage of a host’s local city tips that are specifically relevant to the LGBTQ community.

Explore the world, experience your pride

misterb&b is committed to creating a world that is accepting and non-judgmental; a welcoming world in which the LGBTQ+ community can share the excitement of discovery, and create lifelong memories and friendships. Through our inclusive accommodation service, we facilitate gay travel on a global scale, connecting travelers and hosts through the experience of hospitality.

If you want to benefit from a gay airbnb, where you can explore the world and experience your pride, all the while appreciating stellar accommodation, give misterb&b a go for your next stay.


Explorez un monde plus accueillant

Hôtels gays et gay-friendly sélectionnés par misterb&b. Prix très compétitifs. Réservez avec nous et soutenez une entreprise gay.

Hôtels et resorts gays, réservez votre séjour gay avec misterb&b

Weere, votre compagnon d'aventures par misterb&b

Weere est la toute nouvelle fonctionnalité de misterb&b qui met en relation la communauté LGBTQ+ mondiale. Recherchez des habitants et des visiteurs LGBTQ+, et contactez-les pour partir à la découverte ensemble. Trouvez un compagnon de l'autre côté de la rue ou à l'autre bout du monde, et partagez l'aventure avec lui. Inscrivez-vous et choisissez de publier votre voyage auprès d'une communauté de plus de 900 000 personnes. Inscrivez-vous gratuitement ou connectez-vous avec votre compte misterb&b.