Ils parlent de misterb&b

July 20, 2018 Tendance Hôtellerie

A quelques jours de la cérémonie d’ouverture, misterb&b, première plateforme de location de courte durée dédiée à la communauté LGBT, est particulièrement fière de rappeler son engagement auprès de Paris 2018, en tant que partenaire officiel hébergement des Gay Games.


July 10, 2018 Statégies

Misterb&b en interne - « Explorez le monde. Cultivez votre différence » - juillet 2018


July 3, 2018 Le Routard

Internet - Misterb&b, le site de location d'hébergement entre particuliers version gay. C'est la version gay du fameux site de locations entre particuliers Airbnb et un beau succès du web made in France.


May 31, 2018 - Gay Star News

The Bear-Naked Chef wants to take you on a cruise you'll never forget. The world-famous chef made headlines in 2015 when he uploaded his first YouTube video, dressed in nothing but an apron. Now he’s bringing his assets to the kitchen onboard Open Sea Cruises later this year. One of the major partner of Open Sea Cruises is misterb&b. It was created in 2014 as an alternative for LGBTQ hosts and guests to connect around the world.


May 31, 2018 - Paris Vox

Un site de location de logements, misterb&b, vient de désigner la ville de Paris comme étant la ville la plus « gay friendly » au monde


May 30, 2018 -

La Ville de Paris a reçu le prix de la ville la plus gay friendly au monde par «misterb&b», plateforme de locations de logements de courte durée. Cette annonce vient réaffirmer la place de la capitale comme ville inclusive et renforce les dispositifs en place pour un meilleur accueil de la communauté LGBTQI+.


May 13, 2018 - Dorean Diakopes

Το misterbnb, η υπηρεσία βραχυπρόθεσμης ενοικίασης gay friendly καταλυμάτων από και για ομοφυλόφιλους άνδρες ταξιδιώτες απογειώνεται. Είναι ο μεγαλύτερος gay hotelier του κόσμου και η απάντηση στις έντονες απαιτήσεις για βιωματικά ταξίδια του ραγδαία αναπτυσσόμενου παγκόσμιου gay τουρισμού.


April 6, 2018 - Hornet Stories

misterb&b, un rêve américain - Tout a commencé en 2014 quand Mathieu Jost, l’un des fondateurs de misterb&b a vécu une mauvaise expérience à Barcelone : « A notre arrivée, notre hôte a réalisé que nous n’étions non pas des amis mais bien un couple gay. Dès lors...


January 31, 2018 - Rhône FM

Journal radio - misterb&b, le pendant homo d'Airbnb, divise en Valais


November 21, 2017 -

From every race, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, one can find examples of the entrepreneurial spark that drives those gifted few to create new things, start new endeavors and push the envelope of the everyday. And for communities as diverse and proud as LGBT communities, it should come as no surprise that entrepreneurism is alive and well.


August 21, 2017 - Paris Match

De nombreuses plateformes, calquées sur l’ultra-populaire Airbnb, ont vu le jour ces dernières années en réponse aux mésaventures homophobes, racistes ou islamophobes vécues par certains utilisateurs du site. Parmi celles-ci, la plateforme française Misterb&b a probablement pris la plus belle revanche.


August 14, 2017 - Inverti

misterb&b, cette société française fonctionnant sur le même principe qu’Airb&b mais à destination de la population homosexuelle a réussi à lever 8,5 millions de dollars US dans le but de continuer à se développer.


August 12, 2017 - Mashable

Créée en 2014, misterb&b vient juste de lever des fonds aux États-Unis, alors que cela avait été difficile en France. Le site, loin d'être communautaire, répond à un vrai besoin de sécurité pour les voyageurs LGBT.


August 10, 2017 - instinct Magazine

What Is misterb&b? Who Is It For? Matthieu Jost, the co-founder of misterb&b, had mixed results when staying at rooms he rented through other travel websites. Jost and others founded misterb&b in 2014. It took only 3 years for misterb&b to grow to more than 130,000 hosts in 135 different countries, become the largest gay-friendly hotelier service in the world.


August 7, 2017 - Les Echos - Entrepreneurs

La plate-forme de locations touristiques fondée par des entrepreneurs français vient de lever 8,5 millions de dollars auprès d'investisseurs européens. En 2014, des investisseurs français avaient refusé de soutenir le projet. Une belle revanche pour Misterb&b !


July 17, 2017 - The Memo

You’ve heard of Airbnb, but what about misterb&b? As the name implies, it’s the Airbnb rival that’s put the gay (and LGBTQI) community at its heart. “misterb&b envisions a world where travellers form a wide gay-friendly community … to share their experiences and make the most out of every gay scene,” founder Matthieu Jost told The Memo.


July 4, 2017 - Airbnb-marketing



June 28, 2017 - El Pais

Los precios de alquiler de habitaciones se inflan con el Orgullo. Los asistentes al World Pride 2017 pagan hasta un 41% más que en 2016 en una habitación de hotel y hasta 1.000 euros por noche en pisos de alquiler.


June 20, 2017 - L'Echo Touristique

misterb&b vient de boucler sa troisième levée de fonds. De quoi lui donner un coup d'accélérateur.


June 12, 2017 - Eater

Where Can We Find Queer Space After Pulse? On the road through Florida, it’s not always easy to find the restaurants and bars that make you feel safe.


June 7, 2017 - Maddyness

Le site de location entre particuliers de la communauté LGBTQ misterB&B, calqué sur Airbnb, a convaincu Project A et Ventech de soutenir son développement. 


June 7, 2017 - Garçon Magazine

misterb&b, le Airbnb gay made in France fait rêver les Etats-Unis


June 7, 2017 - Les Echos

Deux ans après avoir décroché 2 M$ dans le cadre de sa serie A, la start-up franco-américaine Misterb&b poursuit dans sa lancée en engrangeant cette fois-ci 8,5 M$.  


June 7, 2017 - Techcrunch

misterb&b raises $8.5 million to build the Airbnb for the LGBTQ community


June 6, 2017 - French Morning

misterb&b: le Airbnb gay de deux Français séduit les Etats-Unis


April 27, 2017 - Attitude

Find out who's been named Attitude's Bachelor of the Year 2017, in association with Blued. Guess who’s #8?


March 24, 2017 - The Irish Times

Competition for Airbnb as other home-sharing sites target niche audiences - The Irish site Homestay, OneFineStay and Misterb&b all chasing a share of the market.


March 13, 2017 - The New York Times

What Airbnb has popularized — the peer-to-peer rental of apartments, homes and spare bedrooms — the market has embellished with a roster of new and growing services that offer home sharing.


January 23, 2017 - Unicorn Booty

100 Intriguing LGBTs to Look Out for in 2017. Matthieu Jost, CEO of misterb&b is #59


December 06, 2016 -

$5M Funding, $1.3M Revenue For LGBT Lifestyle Traveling like AirBNB with CEO Matthieu Jost


November 8, 2016 - Danlan



September 09, 2016 - Rue 89

Airbnb veut mieux lutter contre les discriminations. Confrontés à l’homophobie de certains hôtes, des voyageurs optent pour un site de location d’appartement réservé à la communauté gay.


August 30, 2016 - Edge Media Network

Even as the world becomes an LGBT-friendlier place, for many gay men traveling alone or with partners, negotiating with an Airbnb host can still be a needlessly awkward process. Enter misterb&b, which features gay hosts providing short-term rentals to gay travelers around the world with the promise: "Stay like a gay local: rent welcoming and affordable places from people like you in 130+ countries."


August 1, 2016 - BFM TV

An interviw of one of misterb&b founders on French news channel BFM TV


July 31, 2016 - Vice

These New Startups Are Aiming to Fix the Sharing Economy’s Discrimination Problem


July 13, 2016 - Boys

Le blogueur Adam Dupuis fait la découverte de la vidéo fascinante de Misterb&b qui lui donne envie d’aller en vacances. Il tente donc de présenter le site en question et son projet en vue d’intéresser la communauté LGBT.


July 7, 2016 - Instinct

misterb&b Video Makes Us Want To Book That Vacation Now! I'm a huge visual learner. That's why in many of my blogs I try to include a video on the subject matter. When I saw the video below, it made me want to go on vacation real bad.


June 24, 2016 - The New York Times

If we’re going to get out there and travel no matter what, as our earlier look at gay travel post-Orlando suggested, where should we go? Matthieu Jost, the chief executive and a founder of misterb&b, a website that helps travelers find gay-friendly bed-and-breakfasts around the world...


June 19, 2016 - The Gleaner

As Jamaicans tap into the online rental market for business through platforms such as Airbnb they are slowly becoming more amenable to a side of the market that is largely shunned domestically gay travellers.


June 03, 2016 - Propertyguru

The debate about whether short-term rentals should be permitted in Singapore continues to make news, after a public consultation conducted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) provided no clear consensus on the issue.


May 31, 2016 -

Já teve alguma experiência ruim ao alugar o quarto na casa de alguém durante uma viagem? O misterb&b vem com uma proposta mais segura para os gays que queiram se sentir bem durante a hospedagem na casa de alguém, entenda!


May 24, 2016 - Huffington Post

Gay Travel Services: Gentrifying the Industry or Ghettoizing Gays? I was running the marathon in Lyon and my partner was coming with me. While researching...


Apr 25, 2016 -

You know that we’re all about family travel and experiencing everything together or having the random weekend as a couple. Well, I (Rob) just did the unthinkable: solo travel. Whaaattt?!?!?! Yes, it’s true. I spoke at WordCamp in Jacksonville, Florida (#WCJAX) and made the journey all by my lonesome. Thank goodness for Mister BNB. MisterBNB totally saved my trip and kept me from falling into parental withdrawal.


Mar 30, 2016 - Lonely Planet

An uncomfortable experience when booking an apartment convinced Matthieu Jost that accommodation sharing services – while spurring a revolution in travel – might not always meet every individual requirement...


Feb 25, 2016 - Shareable

There is hope for "sharing monopoly" malcontents who have discovered that some peer-to-peer accommodation sites can be more like forced labor than a cultural awakening, regardless of whether it's for free or to earn some extra cash…


Feb 14, 2016 - Consoglobe

Louer une chambre chez l’habitant, cela permet de rencontrer des personnes différentes et de s’imprégner de la culture locale (...) Voici 5 alternatives à Airbnb plus originales et collaboratives...


Dec 14, 2015 - Pulzo

El francés Matthieu Jost decidió lanzar esta página web luego de pasar por varias situaciones incómodas debido a su orientación sexual.


Dec 11, 2015 - Feber

misterb&b är en homestaytjänst som primärt riktar sig till homosexuella män och grundaren uppger att han startade tjänsten efter att han och hans partner hade blivit ovänligt bemötta på grund att de var homosexuella....


Dec 11, 2015 - Liligo

misterb&b: the new leader of gay travel - misterb&b was created in 2013 after an AirBnb user experienced a rather upsetting and uncomfortable exchange and was refused stay because he was with his gay partner...


Dec 10, 2015 - CNN

Most travelers pack an extra pair of socks, a rainy day itinerary, and some spare cash, planning for the worst when on vacation. Few have to worry about preparing a contingency plan for their accommodations if an Airbnb host decides they don't approve of their lifestyle...


Aug 29, 2015 - Gayviking

misterb&b. Vous ne connaissez pas ? C’est un peu le petit frère gay de Airbnb. Comme ce dernier, misterb&b est une plateforme d’hébergement entre particuliers mais destinée à la communauté gay. 


Aug 20, 2015 -

When it comes to the rainbow dollar, new startups are getting competitive. They’re taking advantage of the disposable LGBT income — gay tourism is valued at $68 billion by the Gay European Tourism Association — and celebrating emerging travel destinations...


Jul 24, 2015 -

À peine arrivée à Bruxelles, la plateforme en ligne misterb&b rencontre déjà un véritable engouement dans la capitale...


Jul 23, 2015 - Zizo Online

misterb&b, een gay lookalike van Airbnb, mikt nadrukkelijk op België. Het sponsorde al de Belgian Pride in mei en noemde België bij lancering een toplocatie. Maar in Antwerpen kregen verhuurders nog geen klanten via misterb&b op bezoek...


Jul 22, 2015 - DeMorgen

De lakens zijn niet roze en de handdoeken niet regenboogkleurig, maar de kamers en appartementen op verhuursite misterb&b propageren zichzelf wel expliciet als homovriendelijk. Begonnen in Parijs, nu ook in Brussel, Antwerpen en zelfs Moskou...


Jul 21, 2015 - DeVolkskrant

Hij noemt zich de grootste homo-hotelier ter wereld. misterb&b, de homovriendelijke variant op Airbnb is anderhalf jaar geleden opgericht door de Parijzenaar Matthieu Jost (34). Inmiddels telt de verhuursite 18 duizend kamers en woningen in 130 landen...


May 15, 2015 - Les Echos

Cette semaine se tenait à Mountain View le Demo Day du célèbre incubateur californien 500 Startups, qui présentait la 12ème promotion des start-up incubées. Parmi celles-ci, la start-up créée par les Français Matthieu Jost et Marc Dedonder, nommée misterb&b , s’est fait particulièrement remarquer...


May 13, 2015 - TheNextWeb

Pulsating with high-energy startup fever, the 10th 500 Startups Day in Mountain View yesterday afternoon offered the best of what 33 young companies in Batch 12 had on offer to enhance the way we live and work...


May 12, 2015 - Mattermark

Today, 500 Startups Mountain View, hosted their Demo Day for Batch 12 (Winter 2015). 33 companies will be pitching their products to an audience of VCs, Angel Investors and decision makers at large tech companies, in hopes of closing their next round of funding...


May 9, 2015 - RoadWarriorVoices

Matthieu Jost can identify with the gay couple in Texas booted from their Airbnb rental by a homeowner because of their sexual orientation. Four years ago, he traveled with his partner to Barcelona and upon arrival, it was clear that the host was not comfortable...


May 4, 2015 - DealStreetAsia, that aims to connect the gay community and enable gay men to earn money from their spare space, has raised $2 million in seed funding from slew of investors including China Growth Capital, 500 Startups, MicroVentures, AngelVest...


May 1, 2015 - RollSohu



Apr 26, 2015 - Le Routard

Saluons un joli succès made in France : lancé à Paris et à Barcelone,, site de locations d'hébergements entre particuliers gays conçu dans l'esprit d'Airbnb, revendique désormais 15 000 hôtes dans 130 pays, ce qui en fait la plus importante...


Apr 23, 2015 - L'Echo Touristique

C’est aux Etats-Unis que le site français de locations entre particuliers a bouclé son tour de table. Airbnb gay-friendly, vient de finaliser une levée de fonds d’amorçage de 2 millions de dollars (1,86M€) auprès de différents investisseurs...


Apr 22, 2015 - FrenchWeb

Le plate-forme de location de logements entre particuliers gay ou gay-friendly misterb&b vient de lever 2 millions de dollars auprès de d’investisseurs tels que l’accélérateur américain 500 Startups, AngelVest, China Growth Capital, MicroVentures et Pole Capital...


Apr 4, 2015 - Skift

misterb&b raised a $2 million seed round from new investors 500 Startups, Joel Simkhai, China Growth Capital, Lorenzo Thione and Chris Sinton.


Mar 4, 2015 - TourHebdo

Inspiré du modèle d’Airbnb, misterb&b est un site d’hébergement entre particuliers destiné à la clientèle gay, un marché global estimé à 200 milliards de dollars par an dans le monde. En plein développement, l'agence en ligne prévoit de réaliser en 2015...


Mar 3, 2015 - VentureBeat

Travel platform for the gay community misterb&b just raised $2 million to launch in the U.S. The Paris-based company launched to provide an Airbnb-like experience for members of the gay community, who may be worried about the safety of staying in other people’s homes.


Oct 11, 2014 - West-Info

How and why was misterb&b founded? The first website, which helps gay tourists find holiday accommodation, was set up in just three months and already has more than 10,000 listings in 130 different countries. In Italy alone it has 29 pages with more than 500 apartments.


Jul 7, 2014 -

There’s An Airbnb For Gay Men. Of Course There Is! Airbnb has become increasingly popular in urban centers where hotel rooms can top $300 a night. So it shouldn't be too surprising there's now a gay version of the short-term sublet site, called misterb&b...


Jul 7, 2014 -

Site de aluguel por temporada, agora, voltado para gays - Jornal O Globo RIO — A visita à Barcelona, na Espanha, com pernoite num quarto alugado em apartamento de família, tomou um rumo desconfortável para Matthieu Jost e seu namorado, quando eles descobriram — tarde demais — que os seus anfitriões não gostavam da idei...


Jun 26, 2014 -

An Airbnb For Gay Men (And Why Women Love It Too) - Forbes


Jun 6, 2014 -

Looking for somewhere to stay? Get real Another option is misterb&b, which has some 5,000 hosts in 65 countries with a 99% satisfaction rate


May 24, 2014 -

misterb&b, a Gay-Focused Version of Airbnb, Comes to West Hollywood There's a new entry to the group of so-called "peer to peer" businesses like Airbnb, Uber and Lyft that are offering services in West Hollywood outside the purview of regulators. It's misterb&b, a version of the Airbnb apartment rental service...


Apr 13, 2014 -

misterb&b: New School Lodging for LGBT People and Allies misterb&b, a web service launched last spring, takes an Airbnb-esque approach to finding lodging, but it tailors its service to LGBT people and their allies, helping to assure users their experience will be an open and respectful one.


Apr 9, 2014 -

misterb&b: nový cestovní projekt nabízející gay-friendly ubytování v soukromí po celém světě právě přichází do Prahy! Tento pátek se na slavnostní párty představí veřejnosti je nová webová stránka, která cestujícím nabízí gay-friendly ubytování v soukromí v 65 zemích světa. Od svého založení v červnu 2013 jejich služeb využilo již více než 20.000 cestujících. S touto službou si můžete snadno pronajmout b...


Feb 27, 2014 - Winq

If you’re not one for hotels and miss the comfort of a true home when you travel, then you might want to give MisterB&B a visit.


Feb 26, 2014 -

This new short term rental service helps gay jetsetters find a friendly place to stay abroad. “People like to have a specific experience when traveling. They are tired of staying in hotel rooms and prefer to stay in a real apartment because they can really experience the city, stay somewhere that’s well located and spend less money than [at] a hot


Feb 19, 2014 -

Discover The Gay World With misterb&b / Queerty Ah, the 300-plus prides, the dozens of circuit parties, the museums, the fine dining, the gay 'hoods. These days, there are so many great gay-themed events around the world, a guy can get dizzy just figuring out where to start. And then there's...


Jul 27, 2013 -

A Gayer Version of Airbnb, misterb&b, Launches When traveling, my partner and I love renting apartments from Airbnb. It offers us the freedom to go and come as we please and provides us the ultimate traveling experience by situating us far from all the hotel chains — in a real neighborhood s...


Jul 26, 2013 -

[exclu] misterb&b, la location d'appartements gay-friendly entre particuliers, ou comment se diversifier sur un secteur en pleine expansion Un site français de location d'appartements courte durée entre particuliers dédié à une communauté de voyageurs gay et gay-friendly, ouvre ses portes cette semaine. Communautarisme ? Non, convivialité, selon ses créateurs. Sorte d'étendard de l'éc...


Jul 14, 2013 -

Des sites pour trouver des locataires qui vous ressemblent Depuis belle lurette, les réseaux sociaux et les forums permettent aux internautes de se retrouver par affinités entre technophiles, végétariens ou fans de mangas. Ce sont désormais les sites de location touristique de logements entre part...


Apr 04, 2013 -

New website for gay apartment rentals: misterb&b Wasting my time on the internet the other day, I discovered mister bnb—a new website that offers gay and gay-friendly travelers a way to find short-term apartment rentals specifically tailored to the gay community. Anyone twenty-something who l...


Apr 24, 2013 -

Launch of misterb&b, the first international gay apartment & room/vacation rental website, 100% covered by insurance. misterb&b offers gay and gay-friendly travelers a unique service that allows them to experience travel in a new way and to...


Mar 03, 2013 -

Louez votre appartement, gagnez de l’argent ! En quelques mois, la location d’appartements entre particuliers s’est imposée, côté hôtes, comme un nouveau moyen de se faire un peu d’argent et côté voyageurs, comme un nouveau moyen de se déplacer et de découvrir les destinations, à moindre coût.