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If you are planning to visit this unique and fascinating East Asian country, perhaps the most important question you'll ask yourself is, “is Taiwan safe for LGBTQ travelers?” and also what the general state of LGBTQ Rights in Taiwan is. In fact, the island is more open than most of the other Asian countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia among others. The country legalized same-sex marriage on May 17, 2019. Unlike China, which only legalized homosexuality, same-sex marriages are now legal in Taiwan, and the island is now considered as a result one of the most progressive countries in Asia in terms of LGBTQ rights.

Although Taiwan is located in a region where LGBTQ rights are not embraced, the country has emerged as an island where gay and lesbian travelers can not only visit, but also feel secure. The passing of the same-sex marriage legislation last year cemented the country as a haven for LGBTQ people. Therefore, gay rights in Taiwan are well protected. However, although the country is quite advanced compared to others in the region, Amnesty International argues that the legislation does not provide full marriage equality, and same-sex couples from countries that do not support same-sex marriages are not allowed to marry in the country. Additionally, Equaldex cites that while there are legal protections against LGBTQ descrimination in the workplace, this has not yet transcended into the housing sphere.  

When visiting Asia, perhaps you may ask yourself, is Taiwan safe for gay and lesbian travelers? To answer this question, you should understand the history of LGBTQ rights in the country. Long before the legalization of same-sex marriages in Taiwan, the country was already a hub gay and lesbian people and groups in the region. When LGBTQ issues were less prevalent than today, members of the community would regularly meet at 228 Peace Park, in Taipei. The first pride parade after the legalization of same-sex marriage took place in November 2019, and it brought together members of the LGBTQ community from Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan. 

If you find yourself visiting Taiwan, you are likely to spend a couple of days in the island’s capital, Taipei. But before traveling, you may ask yourself “is Taipei safe for LGBTQ travelers?” This is an important question when visiting Taiwan’s capital. If you're looking for the gay area in Taipei, you’ll be pleased to know that the city has various sites where gay and lesbian people regularly visit. They include 228 Peace Park, Changde Street, Gingin Store, and National Taiwan University among others. No other city in the country provides lively options like Taipei. So, is Taipei safe for gay and lesbian travelers? Of course, it is. Gay rights in Taiwan are taken care of properly.

Taipei has been holding the Pride parade annually since 2003. About 200,000 people participated in the 17th event last year. This shows that gay rights in Taiwan are advanced. The event was the first one since the legalization of same-sex marriages in the country. Unlike most countries in the region, Taiwan is more tolerant of gays and lesbians. LGBTQ Rights in Taiwan are enshrined in the country's constitution. Moreover, according to Spartacus’ Global Gay Travel Index from 2019, Taiwan scored 3 in terms of overall LGBTQ rights, placing it ahead of other countries in Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.  

So if you like the idea of experiencing your pride in this charming, and unique country of Asia, book your trip to Taiwan now. Through misterb&b, you also have the opportunity to connect with local LGBTQ people, and experience the city like a local. While Taiwan is progressive in terms of its LGBTQ rights, understanding the country’s social and political fabric, and following a few simple conventions are key to making the most of your next trip to East Asia.

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