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Gay Glasgow

Glasgow gay

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Gay Glasgow is Scotland's dazzling creative, cultural and sporting capital, and is not only Scotland’s largest city but also a place of history and modernity. 

Whether you’re planning to visit Glasgow to explore its intriguing Victorian-Industrial urban landscape, its fashion, music, history or art, you’ll surely experience the unique sense of style that is bound to leave an effect on you and your travel buddies. The locals are referred to as Glasgewians, and are known to have a reputation for having a dark sense of humor, and for being daring and friendly. They tend to be willing to help out a traveler in need of directions, and are happy to suggest various local activities. 

Gay Glasgow is very safe for gay travel and is known for its open-mindedness and its acceptance of the LGBTQ community. Scotland has unobtrusively become a world leader when it comes to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex rights and was named the best country in Europe for LGBTQ protection, Scotland. In 2014, same-sex marriage became legal in Scotland, which helped to make Gay Glasgow an intriguing, down-to-earth city and one of the most sophisticated yet vibrant places in Europe. 

Glasgow Pride is the biggest and wettest Pride in the city, where thousands of people gather annually to celebrate the LGBTQ community. There’s also Glasgay! An annual dance, music, film, comedy and everything you can ever find at a festival plus more. You’ve never really been to Scotland if you can’t tell the difference between scotch, whisky and single malts? Why not head over to Glasgow Single Malt Whisky Touret to get to know the tale of the Scotland’s national drink.

Whether you’re looking to experience the Sheboom, Camp Fitness or gay football club, there’s a year-round LGBTQ freshness in Glasgow’s air.

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