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Portland gay

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If San Francisco is the cool capital of the USA’s West Coast, then Portland is arguably the hipster cousin. The largest city of Oregon, gay Portland may be best known for its charming mix of microbreweries and coffee shops, and its overall dedication towards eco-friendliness. 


In addition to all of this, Portland is a very LGBTQ-friendly city, with plenty of gay bars and clubs keeping the locals more than entertained. From karaoke nights to large-scale dance parties, you’re guaranteed to find your poison of choice in the Portland gay scene. 


Portland pride is perhaps the city’s largest and most momentous genuflection to the local LGBTQ community, and it takes place every year in June. Along with a colorful Pride Parade, you can expect plenty of parties in the city’s local bars and clubs. Affectionately referred to as the City of Roses, but sure to add gay Portland to your travel bucket list when you’re next in the US.

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