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Toulouse may well be called the "Pink City", it also has the reputation of being one of those southern French cities where rugby players and macho guys are much more appreciated than gays! Yet Toulouse has, in recent years, given new visibility to its gay scene.

Halfway between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, and just a few kilometers away from the Pyrenees mountains, Toulouse is a regional capital where people know how to enjoy life: long pre-dinner drinks, big outdoor markets, siestas in the shade, festivals and local dishes ... But far from these cliches, it is also a student city full of nice squares, restaurants, bars or clubs. Toulouse likes to party!

The gay scene is mostly located in the city center, near the Place du Capitole, but do not look for rainbow flags or a concentration of gay life as can be found in the Marais in Paris. Toulouse has of course its own gay pride parade, held in June. It generally takes up its quarters on the Place du Capitole, the emblematic square of the pink city.


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