Gay-Pride-Events in Spanien

It goes without saying that Spain is home to some of the biggest and liveliest gay prides in the world, with Madrid Pride even claiming the title of Europe’s largest gay pride each year. But it’s not just Madrid Pride which steals the show in Spain. From May right through to September, various prides transpire across the country including Sitges Pride, Barcelona Pride, and even Maspalomas Pride on the island of Gran Canaria. In terms of LGBTQ-friendly countries in Europe, and if not the world, Spain is at the top of its game. Spain voted in favor of same-sex marriage back in 2005, and the country continues to go from strength to strength in terms of its openness and acceptance of the LGBTQ community. So what are you waiting for? Openly experience your pride in Spain, and pencil in these gay prides for the year.

Vergangene Gay-Pride-Events in Spanien

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