La Démence Cruise 2014, discovery cruise in the Mediterranean
Dec 03 2013
by misterb&b

La Démence Cruise 2014, discovery cruise in the Mediterranean

From July 19 to 26, La Démence sails again, for the 4th consecutive year. And as in July 2012, the European gay cruise set sail from the port of Marseilles on board the Zenith, a 720 cabin ship, fully renovated during the coming winter

In three editions, the La Démence gay cruise has emerged as one of the major gay events of European summer. It was launched in 2011 by the promoter of La Démence, Europe’s oldest gay party, and it immediately received a very positive echo in the clubbing scene, who missed a gay cruise of their taste.

A tea dance in the sun, nightly shows, afternoon pool or jacuzzi, after parties at sunrise, costumed parties under the stars… Get ready for a week of intense holiday, with the sound of the greatest La Démence DJs.

This cruise is also an opportunity to discover new destinations. The highlight of the 2013 edition was the two day stop in Tel Aviv during a vibrant gay pride. In 2014, the cruise offers a new course in the Mediterranean, between Italy, France and Spain, with some wonderful stops.

Il will all start on July 19 in Marseille. As 2013 European Capital of Culture, Marseille has changed a lot: renovation of the Old Port, opening of great contemporary buildings such as the magnificent MuCEM , the Museum of Civilization in Europe and the Mediterranean.

There is no real gay neighborhood in Marseille, but you will still be able to enjoy the weekend before departure and visit some of the citiy’s best gay venues such as the Cargo sauna, the New Cancan club or take a ride to rocky Mont Rose beach, the main gay beach in the area.

After a day at sea, the first stop will take passengers to Italy, in Porto Venere, in the Gulf of Genoa, on the Riviera di Levante . This beautiful fishing village, with tall houses, tight against each other, hung along steep slopes , is one of the treasures of the National Park of Cinque Terre, a Unesco World Heritage. Porto Venere , with its magnificent views of the Mediterranean, is particularly famous for the underwater cave where British poet Lord Byron used to meditate.

The Zenith will then head south -west to move towards the extreme south of Corsica, with a stop at the foot of the monumental cliffs of Bonifacio. A short distance from Sardinia, high - perched on its white limestone outcrop, the walled city offers breathtaking views of the turquoise sea. The site is really unique.

Then, another day at sea, in the direction of the Balearics. The Zenith will dock the next day at noon in Palma, the capital of the archipelago, and main town of the island of Majorca. The eighth largest city in Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country. Behind the 30 km long bay you will find the old town with its shady streets and the majestic cathedral or the Castell de Bellver.

Majorca has some gay beaches (Es Trenc and El Mago for example) and a lot of gay venues to be visited by the passengers before the ship's departure in the evening of July 24. Note that one of the island’s gay clubs is called ... La Demence!

Finally the ship will be heading north for a last stop on the island of Menorca, in Port Mahon, the second deepest port in the world after Pearl Harbour. Menorca is the most preserved of the Balearic island. She is since 1993 a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. All European civilizations are here to be found, Romans , Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Carthaginians ... Along the south of the island, you will find multiple coves and isolated beaches facing transparent waters and under a blue sky washed by the local wind. Menorca has more beaches alone as Majorca and Ibiza combined. You should also know that according to a legend, the French invented here... mayonnaise in the 18th century.

On the evening of 25 July , it twill be time to set sail and return back to Marseilles, the arrival point of a very festive cruise, again.

Here's a summary of the 2013 edition

And a great one hour film to fully discover this gay event

Find all informations on the official website of La Démence Cruise.
Cabins for sale from 799 euros per person, 12 cabin categories are already sold out.
Note that the prices will automatically increase by 300 euros from January 1.

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