June 13 - 26, 2023

Barcelona Gay Pride

June 25, 2023 @ 06:00 pm

Start: Parque de las Tres Chimeneas
End: Plaza España

Gay Pride Barcelona
Barcelona Gay Pride starts in 143 days!
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About Barcelona Gay Pride

Gay Pride Barcelona (Barcelona orgullo in Spanish) draws thousands of LGTBQ revelers from across the world to the beautiful and sunny Cataluñian capital each year. And for good reason. Barcelona Pride always puts on a full and fab program of events: music, workshops, dance, sports, live shows, exhibitions! And, of course, the miles of golden beaches and great gay nightlife are just an added incentive. 

The LGBTQ scene is Barcelona is revered for being open, robust, and loads of fun, so it comes as no surprise that the LGBTQ movement in the city has had a colorful and virile history. The very first Pride in Barcelona took place in June, 1977 and was born out of protests, like many prides which transpired during this time. Prior to this, under the rule of Spanish Dictator, Francisco Franco, LGBTQ rights were oppresed, with homosexuality being declared a crime in 1954 and carrying with it a penalty of up to three years imprisonment.

Following the death of Franco in 1975, the Catalan Front for the Gay Liberation (FAGC) was formed in an attempt to rebel against the oppressive laws, and bring LGBTQ rights to the forefront. While Franco's laws more or less remained in place, an estimated 4000 people gathered in 1977 along Las Ramblas Boulevard to demonstrate against LGBTQ oppression.

This protest set the precedence for the LGBTQ movement in Barcelona, and Spain in general, and in 1979, homosexuality was decriminalized. Today, Barcelona Pride remains one of the most momentous prides in all of Europe, welcoming an incredible Pride Parade along with many parties that take place on open-air stages across the city. While the party may steal the show here, Barcelona Pride remains committed to its political foundations, continuing to fight for freedom, dignity, respect, and acceptance for LGBTQ rights. Convinced yet? You should be! We look forward to seeing you at Gay Pride Barcelona this year. 

Program for Barcelona Gay Pride

For full details on Barcelona Pride 2023, be sure to check out the official event program. Happy Pride!


Pictures of Barcelona Gay Pride

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