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Gay Bangkok

Gay Bangkok

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High on the list of destinations for the discerning pleasure-seeker is gay Bangkok. Long known as one of the most welcoming, diverse cities in the Far East, this cosmopolitan jewel has a little something for everyone: amazing food, ancient culture, and a spicy hidden side that few but the most adventurous travelers know. You're about to get the 411 on the best clubs and local action that this exotic destination - also known as Paradise - has to offer.

Your exploration of gay Bangkok begins in Silom, the main district for gay tourism. Though the whole area is open and off-the-chain, the district has three main streets if you're looking for action: Silom Soi 4, location of the majority of gay bars and a great place to warm up for the night ahead; Silom Soi 2, the late-night spot for the local gay party scene, and the red-light lane, Soi Twilight.

In a sea of opportunities in gay Bangkok, the most popular spots on Soi 4 are Telephone - named for the telephones that were once located on each table to facilitate meetings - and the Balcony. These bars are directly across from each other, and both places are roomy and easy on the wallet; the most popular seating is at the outdoor tables that make it easy to man hunt. Once you wet your whistle and get into a cruising frame of mind, hop on over to Soi 2, where late-night-to-dawn party action awaits you at the legendary 3-story DJ Station or G.O.D. (Guys On Display). Even though the most notorious hook-up spots have a justly earned reputation, don't overlook the pleasures you'll find hidden at the local go-go bars.

When you want to relax and unwind in a more intimate setting, the famous Babylon sauna is more than just a bathhouse; it doubles as a cozy, clean B & B with tranquil gardens where you can find your moment of Zen. If have a limited opportunity to explore gay Bangkok, try to arrange your trip to coincide with gCircuit's SongKran clubbing festival during Thai's new year celebration in April. When it comes to enjoying the pleasures of gay Bangkok, the peppers aren't the only thing that's hot.

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