Gay hotels in New York

Gay Hotels in New York

When you're trying to book a gay-friendly or gay hotel NYC, the options can seem overwhelming at first. Are you looking for a budget gay-friendly hotel, a luxury hotel, or something boutique? Is your ideal location Hell’s Kitchen, or would you rather feel glam in Chelsea? Here are a couple of recommendations in terms of navigating the gay hotel NYC scene, so you can spend more time mingling with locals at the Stonewall Inn rather than losing sleep over where to stay.  


Gay Hotels Hell’s Kitchen

Go to hell... well, Hell's Kitchen! You're certain to find a gay hotel New York guests enjoy if you look around this hip and thriving LGBTQ neighborhood. For instance, Ink48 from Kimpton Hotels offers a four-star quality service for you and your traveling partner/s. Rooms are decked out in an elegant, modern style and feature large windows which provide views over New York’s never-ending skyline. 

Otherwise, for something truly state-of-the-art, go for Yotel New York, which is also conveniently located in Hell’s Kitchen. What is unique about Yotel is its range of bedding options. Book anything from a single cabin, right through to a penthouse, and no either way that you’re in for a bespoke accommodation experience. Along with the stylish rooms, you can enjoy a rooftop terrace and even a cinema!   


Gay Hotels Chelsea

Once the major hub of gay New York, although Chelsea's star has faded slightly due to the popularity of Hell's Kitchen, this area still caters for the queer crowd. A favored gay hotel New York for many gay travelers in this hood is the clothing-optional Chelsea Mews Guest House. This is also a male-only guest house, and offer a vintage-style aesthetic. Also within this area, Chelsea Pines Inn provides a remarkable, boutique experience within walking distance of all the gay life Chelsea offers. It also offers a unique decorative style in the form of vintage posters of films and glamorous movies stars, which are displayed in all rooms and common areas.