Gay Mýkonos

Gay Mýkonos

Gay Mykonos is adream island, a perfectgay spot in the heart of the Cyclades islands! The Greek island owesthis reputationtosome of the most beautifulbeaches, ideal places to meet, to see and be seen. "Super Paradise" and "Elia" are Mykonos main gay beaches and very popular. Making new friends is quite easy here, in a relaxed atmosphere. Gay Mykonos isfor sure one of the gay capitals in the Mediterranean Sea, with Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Ibiza.

Gay Mykonos means vacation: late mornings, a brunch in town orat the hotel before heading to the sunny beaches. Then some shopping in the narrow streets of Mykonos town, a cocktail at sunset with the gay crowd on the terrace of the Elysium hotel beforekicking offa very long night! Enjoy cocktails...
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