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June 06 - 13, 2021

Tel Aviv Gay Pride

June 11, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

Start: Crossroads Ben Tsiyon Boulevard and Melchette Street
Finish: Charles Clore Beach

Gay Pride Tel Aviv

About Tel Aviv Gay Pride

Tel Aviv Gay Pride has become one of the hottest pride celebrations in the LGBTQ calendar. Tens of thousands of gay guys and gals from around the world come to enjoy Tel Aviv Gay Pride in Israel each year, enjoying roughly two weeks' worth of events and parties with plenty of sun, sea, and boys. Don't forget to pack your Speedos! Usually taking place in June, Tel Aviv Gay Pride culminates to an incredible Pride Parade, which attracts roughly 250,000 party punters each year. The impressive figure has not gone unnoticed, and since 2019, the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade has been considered the biggest in Asia.  

The very first Tel Aviv Gay Pride took place as far back as 1979, with a protest gathering at Rabin Square. While this was not technically a Pride in the sense that a parade did not transpire, it was the first time LGBTQ people publicy protested against the social and political context of the time, bringing to light pertinent issues for the local LGBTQ community. Following these demonstrations, LGBTQ rights progressed in Israel, with homosexuality being decriminalized in 1988. This positive shift set the precedence for the inaugural Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, which took place a few years later in 1993. 

While Tel Aviv Gay Pride is proud of its political past, many believe the annual Pride is now a social-entertainment event and street celebration. The main celebrations usually take place on the final weekend of Tel Aviv Gay Pride, with a massive Pride Parade along the seafront, followed by an incredible afterparty on the beach. Tel Aviv is a gay hotspot at the best of times, so it comes as no surprise that the city's annual pride goes off. We hope we'll be seeing you there for some partying on the sand! 

Program for Tel Aviv Gay Pride

The following is the event program for 2020. Stay tuned for the 2021 program. 

The main celebrations of Tel Aviv Pride take place on Friday, June 14, with a host of drag shows, parties, and of course the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade. The festivities will kick off at 10am, with a large fair at the Meir Garden (Gan Me'ir), with music, drag shows and speeches. 

The Parade starts at 12pm, departing from the crossroads of Ben Tsiyon Boulevard and Melchette Street. It travels along the beautiful streets of Tel Aviv, towards the city's Charles Clore Beach. It’s here that the famous beach party is held all afternoon until the sun goes down. Expect DJs, artistic performances, and a whole heap of new people to meet. Along with this, there will be various food stands where you can grab a bite to eat mid-dancing. 

2019 will mark 21 years since Tel Aviv's first pride, and 31 years since gay sex restrictions were politically abolished. With a strong theme and some round-the-clock partying, why not take part in Tel Aviv Gay Pride 2019?

Pictures of Tel Aviv Gay Pride

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