June 20 - 28, 2020

Lisbon Gay Pride

June 20, 2020 @ 05:00 pm

Start: Jardim do Príncipe
Ends: Praça do Comércio

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About Lisbon Gay Pride

Lisbon Gay Pride, officially known as Arraial Lisboa Pride, is a colorful, fun-filled celebration that takes place annually in June. Lisbon Pride first began in 1997, and it has since evolved into Portugal's largest LGBTQ event, attracting roughly 70,000 pride enthusiasts each year. Lisbon Gay Pride is unique in the sense that it takes place over two weekends, with one comprising an incredible Pride Parade, and the other an equally epic Pride Village. What makes things particularly unique, however, is the fact that unlike most gay pride events across the globe, the gay parade in Lisbon actually happens first.  

Organized by the ILGA Portugal Association in partnership with different councils of the city including the Lisbon City Council, Lisbon Pride is the city’s largest genuflection to the local LGBTQ community - even if the gay scene is already very robust throughout the entire year! The Lisbon Gay Pride Parade (Marcha do Orgulho LGBTQ) is a colorful procession that travels through the city streets, and usually welcomes plenty of pride enthusiasts. As with any pride celebration, the aim of Lisbon Pride is to bring visibility for local gay, lesbian, bi, trans, queer, and intersex people, and raise pertinent issues that continue to affect the community. 

A week later, Gay Pride Lisbon hosts Pride Village, an incredible open-air party with stands, bars, stage, DJs and dancefloor. And the good news is that entry is free! This takes place in one of Lisbon's main squares, Praça do Comércio, with the pride revelry running throughout the entire day. So if you like the idea of experiencing your pride in Portugal's charming city on the sea, get yourself to Lisbon Pride this season, and enjoy a whole lot of alfresco fun!  


Program for Lisbon Gay Pride

Bear in mind that this is the event program for 2019. Stay tuned for the program of Lisbon Pride 2020, coming soon. For 2019 the Lisbon Gay Pride (Marcha do Orgulho LGBT) will kick off on Saturday, June 15 at 5pm. The parade begins at Jardim do Príncipe Real, right by Bairro Alto, and ends on Praça do Comércio. The parade route passes by the River Tagus, offering some stunning views of the city.

A week later, Lisbon Gay Pride (Arraial Lisboa Pride) starts on Saturday, June 22 and will run for twelve hours, from 4pm right through to 4am. 2019 will mark the 23rd edition of Arraial Lisboa Pride, so it's safe to say this city knows a good thing or two about throwing a solid party. Taking place at Terreiro do Paço, right in the heart of Lisbon's Praça do Comercio, you can expect one incredible party that will include plenty of music, food, and fun. The celebrations will center around the themes of freedom, diversity and equality, and if that wasn't enough to persuade you to join in on the fun, the line-up of entertainment surely will. Think live DJ sets along with special guest star: Beatriz Gosta.

In the week leading up to the main day, Lisbon Gay Pride also puts on special exhibitions, events, club nights and parties related to the LGBTQ community. So if you are looking to experience your pride in Portugal's charming capital, lock in Lisbon Pride and enjoy two weekend's worth of pride.

Pictures of Lisbon Gay Pride

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