Gay Pride Events

Gay pride festivals and gay pride parades are a fantastic chance for the LGBT community to come together and celebrate our pride and culture. But gay pride events also offer an important chance to demonstrate for rights such as same-sex marriage and equality. Here’s misterb&b’s international gay pride calendar for 2018: get planning, get booking, then get your gay pride flags and whistles at the ready!

july 2018

july 13 - 29, 2018
Stuttgart Gay Pride (CSD)
Stuttgart Gay Pride or Christopher Street Day (CSD) is South Germany's largest LGBT festival. From the 13th to the 29th of July 2018, Stuttgart Gay Pride (CSD) Culture Days will take place on topic...
july 20 - 22, 2018
Gay Pride Frankfurt (CSD Frankfurt)
Frankfurt Gay Pride (CSD) is a three-day celebration of LGBT life in this central German city. It may be the financial hub of the country, but with the Frankfurt Gay Pride (CSD) long weekend, the c...
july 27 - august 05, 2018
Hamburg Gay Pride (CSD)
Hamburg Pride (CSD or Christopher Street Day) takes place in the northern German city every year during July and August. First held in 1980, Hamburg Gay Pride (CSD) is made up of many different fun...
july 27 - 29, 2018
Gay Pride Berlin (CSD Berlin)
Berlin Gay Pride (CSD) is one of Europe's biggest gay prides, with gay parties and events all over the creative capital. The first Gay Pride Berlin or Christopher Street Day (CSD) Berlin was celebr...
july 27 - august 05, 2018
Belfast Gay Pride
Belfast Pride Festival is one of the biggest festivals in the capital of Northern Ireland. It runs over 100 events across 10 days. Expect events, parties and the main Pride Day and Parade on Saturd...
july 27 - august 05, 2018
EuroPride (Stockholm)
This year’s EuroPride will see a true first for the annual European celebration of LGBT life and rights. That’s because it’s the first time the event has taken place across two different cities; in...
july 28 - august 05, 2018
Amsterdam Gay Pride
This year, Amsterdam Gay Pride takes place from July 28 to August 5, with the main Canal Parade and street parties held over the weekend August 3-5.Amsterdam Gay Pride really is one of the best Pri...

august 2018

august 03 - 05, 2018
Gay Pride Brighton
Brighton Gay Pride is a very popular gay pride event and one of the biggest in the UK. Held at this seaside beach city - which already has a strong LGBT community - Brighton Pride is an essential d...
august 05, 2018
Vancouver Gay Pride
Vancouver Gay Pride brings together members of the LGBTQ community and their allies to celebrate the unique spirit and culture of the rainbow community by producing quality, inclusive events includ...
august 06 - 12, 2018
Prague Gay Pride
Prague Gay Pride is a relative newcomer on the Pride calendar; the first was held in 2011. Gay Pride Prague is the Czech Republic’s largest LGBT event. In fact, around 40,000 party people came to j...
august 07 - 12, 2018
Reykjavík Gay Pride
Since its launch in 1999, the Reykjavík Gay Pride has become one of Iceland’s most vibrant and popular events. A six-day festival, Reykjavík Gay Pride is filled with exciting events such as queer c...
august 08 - 12, 2018
Antwerp Gay Pride
Launched in 2008, Antwerp Gay Pride is a relatively new LGBT event for this Belgian destination. For five days, the streets, bars and clubs of Belgium’s second city turn into a riot of LGBT celebra...
august 09 - 19, 2018
Montreal Gay Pride/Fierté Montreal
This year's Montreal Gay Pride, aka Fierté Montreal, will take place in August as usual. Combining a program of events, a Community Day, a Literary Pride and the Montreal Gay Pride Parade, expect 1...
august 13 - 19, 2018
Gay Pride Copenhagen
Copenhagen Gay Pride is Denmark’s largest human rights (and LGBT) festival. The week-long event features a huge pride parade on the last Saturday, finishing off with a big show and party at night. ...
august 14 - 19, 2018
EuroPride (Gothenburg)
This year’s EuroPride will see a true first for the annual European celebration of LGBT life and rights. That’s because it’s the first time the event has taken place across two different cities; in...
august 24 - september 03, 2018
Calgary Gay Pride
The Calgary Gay Pride is a week-long festival with tonnes of activites for the LGBT community of this Canadian city. One of the major highlights is the Calgary Gay Pride Parade on the final Sunday ...
august 24 - 27, 2018
Manchester Gay Pride
The Manchester Gay Pride Festival is a four-day event in the heart of this major UK city, known for Canal Street, its gay village. Manchester Gay Pride contains four distinct elements: The Big Week...

september 2018

october 2018

november 2018

Past Gay Pride Events

february 2018

april 2018

may 2018

june 2018

june 01 - 03, 2018
Torremolinos Gay Pride
Torremolinos celebrates its fourth edition of Pride at the beginning of June. It officially begins on 31 May, with the gay flag being raised in La Nogalera square, but the main program happens from...
june 01 - 09, 2018
Athens Gay Pride
In 2018 Athens Gay Pride Week will be held the first week of June. The gay pride event of the Greek capital is celebratory with parties and events, but also carries a strong social message. Athens ...
june 01 - 10, 2018
Rome Gay Pride
In 2018 the ancient city of Rome (Roma) kicks off its Gay Pride event on 1 June. Throughout the whole Pride Week there will be parties, concerts, film screenings, lectures and more. This usually ha...
june 02 - 17, 2018
Vienna Gay Pride
The highlight of Vienna Gay Pride is the traditional Rainbow Parade. In 2018 it will take place in the center of Vienna on Saturday 16 June at the Ringstrasse Boulevard. It culminates in a party wi...
june 02, 2018
Lugano Pride 2018
From Zurich to New York, Nice to Sion, every year in early summer hundreds of cities large and small all over the world celebrate LGBT Pride.  Pride 2018 - Lugano is the week of May 28th to June 3r...
june 03, 2018
São Paulo Gay Pride
São Paulo Gay Pride Parade (officially La Parada do Orgulho GLBT de São Paulo), has grown from just 2,000 participants in 1997 to an incredible four million people. The Gay Pride Parade in São Paul...
june 03 - 09, 2018
Tel Aviv Gay Pride
Tel Aviv Gay Pride parade and party has become one of the hottest gay pride celebrations in the LGBTQ calendar. Tens of thousands of gay guys and gals from around the world come to enjoy Tel Aviv G...
june 04 - 10, 2018
Los Angeles Gay Pride
Los Angeles Gay Pride is over 40 years old and packs in thousands from the local and wider LGBT community every June in West Hollywood. In the past, LA Gay Pride has attracted top-name billings fro...
june 06 - 10, 2018
Key West Gay Pride
Known for its strong LGBT community, Key West Gay Pride is certainly always a popular event! Why not join the locals and celebrate pride on this tropical island in Florida.
june 08 - 17, 2018
Portland Gay Pride
Gay Pride Portland 2018 kicks off with an opening party on 8 June 8 and culminates with a huge gay pride parade and festival on June 16 and 17. Gay Pride Portland occurs in the beautiful Tom McCall...
june 09 - 17, 2018
Shanghai Gay Pride
This year Shanghai Gay Pride celebrates its tenth birthday. Because political demonstrations of any kind are banned in China, Shanghai Gay Pride doesn’t feature a parade. However, the organizers mo...
june 13 - 16, 2018
Ibiza Gay Pride
Ibiza Gay Pride is one of the largest LGBTQ events celebrated in the Balearic islands of Spain. Over four days, Ibiza Gay Pride attracts large numbers of the gay community to this beautiful island ...
june 14 - 18, 2018
Sitges Gay Pride
Sitges Gay Pride is one of the biggest pride events in Spain and, in fact, the whole of Europe. And in 2018 expect something extra special - that’s because Sitges Gay Pride is celebrating its ninth...
june 15 - 24, 2018
New York City Gay Pride
New York City Gay Pride is right on up there as one of the biggest and best gay prides in the globe. In 2017 around 2 million people enjoyed New York City’s largest Gay Pride March ever, with about...
june 16 - 23, 2018
Lisbon Gay Pride
Lisbon Gay Pride, officially known as Arraial Lisboa Pride, is actually two distinct events taking part on different days. Unlike most gay pride events, in Lisbon, the gay parade happens first.The ...
june 18 - 24, 2018
Mexico City Gay Pride
Mexico City Gay Pride truly is one of the largest, wildest and crazy gay prides event in the whole of Latin America!Mexico City Pride – or Marcha del Orgullo LGBT de la Ciudad de México as it's kno...
june 19 - 23, 2018
Houston Gay Pride
The Houston Gay Pride and Parade are at the center of a five-day celebration of LGBT life, attended by an enormous 300,000 people each year. In 2018 Gay Pride Houston celebrates its 40th birthday, ...
june 21 - 30, 2018
Dublin Gay Pride
Dublin Gay Pride – offically known as Dublin LGBTQ Pride – is a true gem in Ireland’s LGBTQ calendar. Over the years Dublin Gay Pride has grown from a one-day Parade into a full-on, 10-day extravag...
june 22 - 24, 2018
Pride Toronto
Pride Toronto is the largest Pride celebration in North America and has become a major Canadian arts and cultural event. This year is the 38th Pride Toronto and it culminates in the annual Pride Pa...
june 22 - july 01, 2018
Milan Gay Pride
In 2018 Milano Gay Pride will take place in the last week of June. The Italian fashion capital hosts a week of LGBT-friendly events, with the streets around via Lazzaretto, via Lecco, via Castaldi,...
june 22 - july 01, 2018
Oslo Gay Pride
Oslo Gay Pride is Norway’s largest LGBT festival, with concerts, exhibitions, shows, films, parties, debates, and, of course, the Pride Parade.The Pride Park festival area in Oslo’s city center is ...
june 23 - 24, 2018
Seattle Gay Pride
This year, Gay Pride Seattle has the theme ‘Pride Before Borders’. The event is free and open to the public. No tickets are required (hurrah!) June is Pride Month, so expect a whole 30 days of gay ...
june 23 - 30, 2018
Paris Gay Pride
The Paris Gay Pride Parade (known as Marche des Fiertés LGBTQ in France), is a major demo and party in the heart of France’s capital city! Around 700,000 spectators and participants take part in th...
june 23 - 30, 2018
Barcelona Gay Pride
Gay Pride Barcelona (Barcelona orgullo in Spanish) draws thousands of LGTBI revelers from across the world to the beautiful and sunny Cataluñian capital each year. And for good reason. Gay Pride Ba...
june 23 - 24, 2018
Chicago Gay Pride
Chicago Gay Pride is a huge gay event taking place in the biggest city of Illinois. It includes a weekend festival and Parade on Pride Sunday. However, in fact, Gay Pride Chicago is just one part o...
june 23 - 24, 2018
San Francisco Gay Pride
Featuring one of the oldest and largest parades in the world, San Francisco Gay Pride usually takes place on the last weekend in June. And, it’s a big ol’ party: in 2017, over 270 contingents and 5...
june 25 - july 01, 2018
Helsinki Gay Pride
Helsinki Pride is the biggest LGBT event in Finland and also the largest cultural event focusing on human rights in the country. The 2018 Helsinki Gay Pride will include discussion events, meetings...
june 28 - july 08, 2018
Madrid Gay Pride
The Madrid Gay Pride – known as Orgullo Madrid in Spain – features by far the largest gay parade in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.Each year Madrid Gay Pride attracts an incredible 2 mi...

july 2018

july 06 - 08, 2018
London Gay Pride
Gay Pride London (officially Pride in London), attracts one of the most diverse crowds in Europe and 
provides a platform for every part of London’s LGBTQ community to raise awareness. More than ju...
july 06 - 08, 2018
Cologne Gay Pride (CSD)
Cologne Gay Pride or CSD (Christoper Street Day) is the largest annual LGBT demonstration in Europe, with around 80 floats taking part. Since 1991, the Cologne Gay Pride/CSD has traditionally been ...
july 07 - 15, 2018
Gay Pride Munich (CSD München)
The very first Gay Pride Munich (CSD München) took place back in 1980. Now, almost 40 years on, over 200,000 people take part in the event in this German city, also home to the Oktoberfest.
july 07 - 08, 2018
Budapest Gay Pride
Budapest Pride is the biggest annual LGBT event in Hungary. Smaller than most Western gay prides, the main Budapest Pride march is more a political demonstration. But asides from the main gay pride...
july 14 - 15, 2018
San Diego Gay Pride
San Diego Gay Pride is one of the largest gay prides and parades in the USA. This year, the two-day festival takes places 14-15 July The gay pride celebration is usually timed in conjunction with t...
july 14 - 15, 2018
Glasgow Gay Pride
Glasgow Pride will be extra spicy this year as Mel C from The Spice Girls will be one of the headline acts! An energetic live performer, Mel C will be sure to whip up the crowd of this Scottish cit...
july 14 - 15, 2018
San Diego Gay Pride
San Diego Gay Pride is one of the largest gay prides and parades in the USA. This year, the two-day festival takes places 14-15 July The gay pride celebration is usually timed in conjunction with t...