June 09 - 12, 2022

New Orleans Pride

June 11, 2022 @ 07:30 pm

The French Quarter

New Orleans Gay Pride
New Orleans Pride
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About New Orleans Pride

New Orleans Gay Pride is one of the largest gatherings of LGBTQ people in the United States. The history of the event dates back to 1971, when the Gay Liberation Front of New Orleans staged a gay in celebration. It took the form of a small picnic and welcomed participants to sit in City Park and enjoy a meal together. The picnic was such a success that the group staged similar gatherings around the city in the coming years. It wasn't until 1978 that they established an annual parade that now includes other events.

Known as Pridefest and by other names over the years, it saw attendance grow from a few hundred people in its first year to more than 50,000 in more recent years. More than 70,000 guests attended the 2017 parade. This figure grew to more than 75,000 for the 2018 New Orleans Pride Parade.

The gay pride events in New Orleans now take place at the beginning of June, and usually during the first full weekend of the month. This celebration makes the most of the history and the heritage of New Orleans. Not only can you grab some beads and toss them at the people who make your heart race, but you can grab a delicious drink and watch all the action from the street. There are even burlesque performances that take place during the festival. 

One of the biggest events of the weekend is the annual parade. It takes place on Saturday night, and gives you the chance to see all the fun people marching as well as loads of colorful floats that pass by as the sun sets and as the lights come on in the city. Floats, small bands and large groups of people all participate in the parade, creating a truly electric vibe. 

Program for New Orleans Pride

For full details on New Orleans Pride 2022, be sure to check out the official event program. Happy Pride!  

If there is one gay pride event in the south that you shouldn't miss, it's New Orleans Pride weekend. The entire pride weekend runs from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9, 2019. Though the website doesn't contain much information, you can use the site to purchase your tickets and find accommodation in the city. You can plan on spending the entire weekend in New Orleans, or alternatively swing by for just one of the three days.

This is one of the few LGBTQ events that run all day, every day. Friday brings fun events such as burlesque shows that let you watch hot guys and gals stripping down to their most intimate parts. A number of art galleries will open to display work created by artists in the community. You may even find a piece that you want to take home as a souvenir. New Orleans Pride 2019 souvenirs will also be available for sale at different local shops. 

If you think that the city really comes to life during Mardi Gras, you won't want to miss the New Orleans gay pride weekend. This weekend boasts live entertainment in the form of bands and artists performing nightly and dozens of special shows. The Gayborhood (The French Quarter) is where most of the action takes place.

The New Orleans Pride Parade starts at 7:30pm on June 8 and lasts until 10:30pm that night. Though you can register in advance to join the parade, you can also get a great seat on a balcony to watch the parade pass by. Those seats go quickly though, which is why you'll want to get there early. With an electric parade, and an atmosphere that's full of color and liveliness, you'd be mad not to visit New Orleans Pride this year. 

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