June 12 - 21, 2020

Shanghai Gay Pride

Gay Pride Shanghai
Shanghai Gay Pride
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About Shanghai Gay Pride

Shanghai Gay Pride is an annual event that celebrates the city's local LGBTQ community. First taking place in 2009, Shanghai Gay Pride has steadfastly developed into a lively celebration which generally runs for roughly 10 days. The very first Shanghai Pride was a significant moment, as it was the first mass LGBTQ event which took place on mainland China. As political demonstrations of any kind are banned in China, Shanghai Gay Pride doesn’t feature a parade, but instead includes a range of LGBTQ-related events, including workshops, cultural events, and a Pride Festival. 

In 2009, Shanghai Pride was organized by various LGBTQ volunteers, with two American expat women at the helm, Tiffany Lemay and Hannah Miller. All promotion was conducted in English as a result, which in turn helped to reduce any governmental inteference in the event. While collaborations were initially minimal, the increased popularity and cemented status of Shanghai Pride have meant that more and more LGBTQ organizations now take part in the annual proceedings. 

To compensate for the lack of an official Pride Parade, Shanghai Gay Pride includes various staples, including a Pride Film Festival, a pink brunch, a dance party, and of course the popular Pride Run and Rainbow Bike Ride. So if you like the idea of experiencing your pride in China's most open and liberal city, get yourself to Shanghai Gay Pride, and enjoy doing things a little differently. 

Program for Shanghai Gay Pride

The following is the event program for 2019. Stay tuned for the 2020 program for Shanghai Pride, coming soon. 

For 2019, Shanghai Pride will welcome a range of different queer-related cultural events. For almost all of June, the Shanghai Pride Film Festival will take place across various venues throughout the city. There will be an LGBTQ film marathon which will screen over 60 compelling queer-related films from more than 20 countries. 

Pride Art will also be illuminating the city with a series of LGBTQ-focused exhibitions. The public is encouraged to submit works that showcase self-identity, diversity, and pride. So, expect an equally-packed LGBTQ calendar in China’s largest city for this year's gay pride event in Shanghai.

Pictures of Shanghai Gay Pride

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