july 29 - august 03, 2019

Stockholm Pride

august 03, 2019 @ 01:00 pm

Start: Stockholm City Hall
Ends: Pride Park


About Stockholm Pride

This year’s EuroPride will see a true first for the annual European celebration of LGBT life and rights. That’s because it’s the first time the event has taken place across two different cities; in 2018 EuroPride will begin in Stockholm and then end in Gothenburg, Sweden. Stockholm has previously hosted EuroPride in 1998 and 2008.

Program of Stockholm Pride

The Stockholm leg of WorldPride runs 27 July to 5 August, with the main Stockholm EuroPride Pardade set to take place on 4 August. This is the largest Pride Parade in the whole of Scandinavia and is definitely worth getting involved in. 

During the regular Stockholm Pride, around half a million spectators turn up to join in and cheer along the Stockholm Pride Parade. It starts at Stockholm City Hall, where around 45,000 participants with 200 floats march their way to Pride Park. The route for the EuroPride version is expected to be the same.

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