August 02 - 08, 2021

Stockholm Pride

August 07, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

Virtual Pride Parade

Stockholm Gay Pride

About Stockholm Pride

Stockholm Gay Pride is an annual gay celebration that honors the local LGBTQ community through a host of events, parties, debates, and one incredible pride parade. Since 1998, Stockholm Pride has continued to attract large numbers of enthusiasts, making it the largest pride event in Scandinavia.

Every year, roughly 450,000 participants take part in the jubilant pride celebrations, making it the country's biggest annual genuflection to the local LGBTQ community. Along with the incredible Pride Parade, Stockholm Pride celebrates an entire Pride Weekend, which encompasses a series of different pride-related entertainment and venues. Pride House (usually held at Kulturhuset) features various cultural sessions relating to LGBTQ issues, while Pride Park welcomes loads of music, dance, and thrilling live performances. 

Naturally an LGBTQ hotspot, Stockholm is a great destination for LGBTQ travelers any time of the year, and during Stockholm Pride, things reach an all time high. So whether you are looking to tap into some local LGBTQ history during Pride, or your eyes are set on dancing through the incredible Pride Parade, add Stockholm Pride to your calendar, and look forward to feeling proud up north! 

Program for Stockholm Pride

The following is the event program of a past pride edition. Stay tuned for the 2021 program. 

Due to the Coronavirus - Covid-19 - currently affecting the globe, Stockholm Gay Pride 2020 will be a little different. During the original time of Stockholm Gay Pride: July 31 to August 2, there will be an alternative to the iconic Pride Weekend and Parade. Instead, you can look forward to Stockholm Pride Summer Stream, which will include streamed seminars from Pride House, along with artist performances from Pride Stage and different online events around Pride City. The full program of Stockholm Pride Summer Stream is yet to be released, so stay tuned for details.

Come Autumn 2020, pride enthusiasts will be able to enjoy a more traditional experience in the form of Autumn Pride Stockholm. Transpiring over four days in November (dates TBC), the event will comprise both indoor and outdoor pride-related activities, illuminating the November darkness typical to Sweden during this time. Full details are yet to be revealed, so stay tuned. 

Pictures of Stockholm Pride

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