June 18 - 27, 2021

Oslo Gay Pride

Gay Pride Oslo

About Oslo Gay Pride

Gay Pride Oslo is Norway’s largest LGBT festival, with concerts, exhibitions, shows, films, parties, debates, and, of course, a Pride Parade.

The Pride Park festival area in Oslo’s city center is free to enter. Oslo Gay Pride consists of more than 150 different events over the course of ten days, not only making it an enjoyable celebration, but also something very memorable.


Program for Oslo Gay Pride

The following is the event program for 2020. Stay tuned for the 2021 program. 

Please note that due to the global Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, Oslo Pride has been moved online.

Bear in mind that this is the event program for 2019. Stay tuned for the 2020 program for Oslo Pride, coming soon.

For 2019,  the ten-day extravaganza culminates to the incredible Oslo Gay Pride Parade, which kicks off on June 22 at 12pm. Things will officially start moving at 1pm from Greenland in Oslo, and wind its way through the city streets before finishing up at Pride Park a few hours later.

Along with the Oslo Gay Pride Parade, the city will come out to play for Pride Park, which is a lively festival running from Wednesday, June 19 right through to Saturday, June 22. The popular event will welcome loads of entertainment including live performances and DJ sets. If you're a direhard Tina Turner fan, you will appreciate the Tina - Simply the Best performance by Norways Queen of Soul, Christine Meyer, on the Saturday night, June 22. 

So come out in color, bring your party spirits, and enjoy Oslo Gay Pride 2019.

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