The Top 10 Gay Travel Blogs
Mar. 10 2016
by misterb&b

The Top 10 Gay Travel Blogs
Photo : Gay Travel Bloggers Two Bad Tourists visit Iceland !

We all want the low-down when we travel, but sometimes you need a little extra value for your info. That's where gay travel blogs come in. These blogs will give you the same what, when, and why about popular travel - and some out of the ordinary - destinations, but they're a little more personal and a lot more fun.

They provide detailed, lifestyle-specific info from an insider's perspective that's as close to being there as you can get without actually hopping on a plane or a cruise ship. If you want to know how to say "You're hot" in German or what the beautiful people are wearing to the theater in Prague, these gay travel blogs will give you the behind the scenes of any scene, worldwide.

Each blog has its own personality and vibe, and you'll find in-depth information about the better neighborhoods to visit, film reviews of interest to the LGBT community, and live reporting from the ground of some of the most off-the-hook gay festivals and events on the planet.

You'll also find helpful tips on safe travel, what to avoid when you're in a certain country or region, and you'll know how to dress for success in every season or setting. Of course, we have own very own gay travel blog here on misterb&b, but variety, as they say, is the spice of life. So, here, in no special order of importance, are the most comprehensive top 10 gay travel blogs on the internet today.


Travels of Adam

This blog is a running diary that follows a young adventurer from Boston who quit his day job in 2011 to live his dream of traveling around the world. It features a wish list of upcoming destinations, personal stories from the road, and helpful travel tips from someone who's been there. You can sign up for a free newsletter or follow him on Twitter.

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Carlos Melia

Carlos bills himself as a 'luxury travel curator,' and he certainly knows how to live the life. His travel and media network features blogs, eNews, and LGBT networking sites around the world, and it has earned him the title of 'Little Marco Polo, the Jetsetter-Bonvivant.' Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest as he takes you to the hottest places on the globe in high style.

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Two Bad Tourists

If you're looking for information on how to travel without looking like a tourist, you need to read this blog. Written by David and Auston, a young couple who are adventurers first, and tourists second, this will give you important scene information about those hot spots that are off the beaten path. You can find these two unconventional fun-lovers on their Twitter, and Facebook page, or subscribe to their information-packed newsletter.

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Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien are two fun-loving London-based boys who quit their day jobs; now they are out to conquer the world, one continent at a time. They also tackle important LGBT topics of interest in travel spots that range from friendly to not-so-friendly. They invite you to come along for the ride on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

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That Gay Backpacker

TGB follows the travels of backpacker David as he lets you in on the secrets of the most (in)famous gayborhoods from Bangkok to Belgium. This blog features great first-person accounts about some things you always wanted to know, but might have been afraid to ask. Subscribe to his newsletter or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

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Dan Allen

Mr. Allen is a travel and film writer who takes in the great museums, festivals and architecture across Europe and North America. Billed as 'gay culture, globalized,' you'll find the content high-brow without being pretentious. One of the best features is the amazing photography. Find Dan Allen on Instagram.

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Dream Euro Trip

DJ has been to 150 European destinations since 2009, and he wants to help you plan your dream trip to Europe. One of the best features is a highly detailed travel planner that will estimate the cost of European travel using a variety of filters. Catch up with him on Facebook and Instagram.

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Indefinite Adventure

Follow young British couple Sam and Zab as they travel the world, giving practical advice to long-term travelers. This is the blog for those who go on the road and stay a while, written from the perspective of a pair of vegan adventurers. Find them on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest and FourSquare.

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Quirky Travel Guy

If you're looking to keep your travels in the US region, Pittsburgh native Scott will take you through off-beat attractions in North America from Mexico to Montreal. Features stunning and personal first-hand photography of the best of America in all 50 states. Ask him almost anything via on-site commentary or follow him on Facebook.

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Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures

Follow professional couch-surfer Aaron as he travels the world on a shoestring. He'll take you places that are only for the true adventurer, and you'll learn a lot about local culture from Asia to America. Subscribe to his newsletter and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Flickr.

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