French Polynesia: The Ultimate adventurous Getaway
Feb. 11 2020
by misterb&b

French Polynesia: The Ultimate adventurous Getaway

If you are looking for the next getaway experience, the French Polynesia may be the next best experience to travel to. The French Polynesia is a series of 118 islands in the French Republic over an area of 1200 miles in the South Pacific Ocean. Situated between the islands of Hawaii and not far off the coast of Australia, it is the ultimate tropical getaway far away from civilization.

While these islands are isolated from many big lands, it is a non-stop experience on shore, full of exciting beach activities, and ultimate serenity and resort locations. With a residential population of only about 270,000 people, the citizens of the region are very welcoming to all visitors including the LGBT community, and always appreciate the tourism to boost the local economy and greatly elevate the culture.

Every island while similar on the surface, can provide a unique experience. The island network is divided into 5 regions: The Society Islands, the Tuamotu Archipelago, the Gambier Islands, the Marquesas Islands and the Austral Islands. However, for those who are first time visitors and looking to get the most balance out of city life and the resort atmosphere for a honeymoon or getaway experience, it is recommended they visit the island of Tahiti of the society islands.



While Tahiti is the capital of the French Polynesia, it is the most populous city in the island region. This means that while it has the shores for you and your man to cuddle up on against the waves, the island has a downtown city like neighborhood full of bars, nice  restaurants, and museums for those who may be interested in low key experiences during the day. The island itself is not a gay destination, however it’s by far one of the most gay friendly communities, which allows the island to draw away the stereotypes of being a gay resort while allowing both straight and gay couples to enjoy the overall feel of a getaway experience.

The gay Tahiti experience is one that is great and remember-able for first time visiting couples, as the population is gay friendly by being warm and welcoming and having some of the most kind, gentle, and open-minded people in the world. While the area may seem all business since it’s the capital of the French Republic, People here are truly open to all cultures and lifestyles, and always try to focus their attention on the tranquility of island life.

View of Moorea


The water in these parts of the world is so clear and translucent, that the crisp sunlight beats down onto the ocean waters, revealing the colorful reefs that protect tranquil lagoons of toasty, bright blue waters and white coral filled sandy beaches. While there are plenty of affordable hotels inland, nothing sets the mood right for a gay couple than spending several nights in the perfect over-water bungalow while sleeping above soothing lagoon waters. Consider places such as the Le Vahine Island Resort, Le Tahaa or even The Brando. Some of the most notable hospitality experiences for couples include a private island picnic in Bora Bora or a canoe delivered breakfast in their over water bungalows.

The Brando


While the tranquility of gay Tahiti may entice couples to want to stay in their bungalow and cuddle against the water, there is so much to do and see to make the experience just as unforgettable. Taking a cruise along the South Pacific aboard luxurious ships, super yachts, or passenger freighters, can allow you two to travel between French Polynesia's most beautiful islands. On these cruises you get to view these breathtaking islands from a shore, as well as get and up close view of some of the oceanic south pacific wildlife.

For those who truly enjoy getting close to nature and wildlife, French Polynesia is the perfect place for Snorkeling and Diving, particularly off the waters in Bora Bora. The waters year round are always clear and warm, which makes it one of the greatest places to explore the shallow waters to observe lagoons and ocean passes with schools of remarkable colored fish, huge sharks, and large manta rays. The island has trained staff who can handle both experienced as well as novice divers who want to take in these great experiences. You will never regret seeing nature together this up close and personal.

Scuba Diving with Giant Manta Ray


Other water activities that are worth considering include sailing, jet skiing, wake boarding, windsurfing, and water skiing. A great place to go for these activities whether expert or novice is the InterContinental Tahiti Resort and Spa, with trained staff and rental equipment. These every day activities that can be available in parts of the world, take a back seat when you perform them overlooking the geographic nature of Tahiti. From the mountain views to the clear water, it’s truly a unique experience to partake in water activities when away from home.


Jet ski - Bora Bora




If you and your man are not big fans of water activities, there are great ways to enjoy nature inland as well with its incredible geography. Tahiti as well all the islands in the French Polynesia is a volcanic formed island that was created approximately 1.4 million years ago, rising slowly over hundreds of thousands of years from the sea floor that is nearly 4 kilometers deep. Tahiti was initially two islands, Tahiti Iti and Tahiti Nui, however these two constituent parts were later connected by the isthmus of Taravao.
Couples who love taking day hikes to get away from society and truly connect with nature can accomplish this with hundreds of hiking trails up Mt 'Orohena. There are plenty of breathtaking views on mountains, rain forests, and valleys to take in. Do not worry though, they are not expected to erupt anytime soon! Another great activity to consider inland include 4 X 4 tours, where you can truly view much of the island in either a half or full day. Consider the Ciao Tahiti Excursions group as they are among the best ranked on trip advisor. You will be able to enjoy much of the unseen nature of rain forests and deep valleys.


4x4 trail in Moorea


Finally, if you want the ultimate body treatment, nothing says I love you to your man like a nice couple’s massage at one of the many Polynesian spas while being nurtured by a tropical ambiance, particularly at the InterContinental Tahiti Resort and Spa. This is a great experience at any time of the day, whether its recovery before morning activities, or relaxation after a long day of site seeing and recreation.

With dinner time comes an opportunity to really begin a true romantic or fun evening with your partner. While the island is of French descent, it offers a wide range of cuisine experiences, from Chinese and French, to American and Japanese, and even Italian as well. If you are looking for live entertainment, consider Mango Cafe on Rue Jeanne d’Arc in Papete. Or if you rather capitalize on sunsets and ocean views, consider L'Api' zzeria on Avenue du Commandant Destremau or the recently renovated Les Roulottes - On the waterfront on Fāri'ipiti, both in Papete as well. If you are more focused on high end cuisine with great wines, go for many of the French themed restaurants such as Le Rubis on rue Paris in Tahiti. Or for those who truly want the Tahiti experience, go for the local cuisine at places such as Casabianca on Marina Taina in Puna'auia, or L'O å la Bouche on Rue Titi'aivai in Papete. Either way, you cannot go wrong with dinner choices, as every meal is guaranteed to make you and your man satisfied.

Finally, if you are looking for the night cap to seal the deal on a wonderful day with consider some of the great night clubs and bars the island has to offer. While there are several bars to choose from, no place says gay Tahiti like the Piano Bar on Rue des Écoles in Pape'ete, which is a drag queen strip joint that will bring excitement to all who come and attend. This is a truly unforgettable experience in the heart of the south pacific, that will never compare to any other gay bar experience, as the dancers know this is where people go to get really crazy and have a good time.


Intercontinental Resort and Spa Moorea


There are many islands to go to around the world for your honeymoon or getaway experience, but no island can provide the ultimate gay experience for travelers than Tahiti. It offers comparable if not better recreational activities, and provides flexibility in what its visitors can do. There are many travel agents on the island and around the world who can help you book and arrange your next trip to Tahiti, so do not wait. Give you and your man the experience of a lifetime today in Tahiti.


The best option to fly to French Polynesia is Air Tahiti Nui. The staff is very friendly compared to other airlines company. You will live a real experience on board starting by a friendly welcome with a Tiare flower - the symbol of French Polynesia.

As the leading carrier to Tahiti and Her Islands Air Tahiti Nui offers a true Tahitian experience from the moment you step on board. The airline is renowned for its top of the range services and Polynesian charm. Flights are available between Papeete and Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland, Sydney and Tokyo.
Air Tahiti Nui operates a fleet of Airbus A340-300, uniquely suited for long haul flights and with cabins recently renewed. The Tahitian cabin crew has been carefully selected and extensively trained to provide the highest standards in passenger safety and comfort.

Airbus A340-300Business class: 60" pitch, 32 angled lie flat cocoon seat, 160 recline, 12" individual TV screen, power available via electrical outlet and USB portEconomy class: 32" pitch, 118 recline, 9" individual TV screen, power via USB portIn-flight Entertainment: Touch screen interface, HD resolution, video on demand (38 movies and TV programs), popular music albums, selection of games

For more information, please visit their website: www.airtahitinui.com/uk-en or www.airtahitinui.com


Ask your friend to help to finance your next vacation!

The polynesian airline company Air Thaiti take advantage of the crowdfunding. It launched an unexpected and attractive platform in order to let people discover Thaiti and its islands. This initiative is new in the tourism industry.

The website www.jirai-a-tahiti.com  offers the possibility to collect funds in a virtual pot from friends and acquaintances in order to help you or your friends and family to travel in Polynesia. You can either to choose to travel alone or not on this paradise place. The registration is free and the airline does not take commission on the collected amount. Have you always dreamed to go in this insolite islands, so do not wait anymore! Open a pot on www.jirai-a-tahiti.com  to discover magnificent islands, this translucide water and its beautiful sandy beaches. Here is the procedure : connect here, and enjoy a €100 voucher at the registration of your pot.

Also, youg couples can benefit of 25% discount on the second airfare ticket for their honey moon trip.


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