Gaystrology: Where to Travel in 2022
Dec. 28 2021
by misterb&b

Gaystrology: Where to Travel in 2022

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and we're turning to our gaystrology tarot cards to bring you the best LGBTQ destinations to visit according to your sign for 2022. The stars a shining on your side for the year, so once it's safe to travel again, pack those bags and follow your destiny for the perfect vacation with misterb&b. Luscious Librans are destined for beauty, while fiery Leos and tough Taureans are in for somewhere unexpected. Where will 2022 lead you?


Aries ♈ 

New Years are all about NEW resolutions, but even in 2022, you'll be up to no good. So, pole dance your way down to tropical Puerto Vallarta, Aries. We'll call you when you want, we'll call you when you need.

©FB/Almar Hotel Puerto Vallarta

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Find your home-away-from-home in Melbourne with coffee culture and hipster vibes. Settle in with a good book, several lattes, and get cozy. Who ever said going out needed to be difficult? Melbourne sure doesn't.

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Geminis, there is no rest for the wicked and the party never stops. So Mykonos is written in the stars for you. Sure it may be small, but who says size matters? It's so beautiful, all your personalities will agree there's no better place on earth for you.

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Great tapas, flowing rivers of Cava, beautiful men, and sunny boardwalks make Cancers happy humans! So get yourself to Barcelona - it's your 2022 destiny.


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It's not the place, but the person who lights up a room. So what better place than sandy Fire Island for a show-off?  They're all waiting for you, queer-of-the-ball.

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Cut yourself (and others) some slack, Virgos. Find some chill in Berlin - yes despite its rep, the city can be a great place to relax - it accommodates everybody's tastes and is totally come as you are! Maybe the naturist Tiergarten is just for you.

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She's beautiful, she's couture, she's shiny, and she tops every destination. Paris is just like you, Libras. So embrace your inner and outer beauty, and add Paris to your bucket list for 2022.


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In the land of Gods and Monsters, you were a scorpion. So here's an intense and magnetic city that you will love to get lost in: Los Angeles. From West Hollywood to Santa Monica, we could spend days here, and we're sure you will too!

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A change of scene is never a bad thing. Neither is the slow pace of life you always appreciate. With its amazing food and its down-to-earth yet equally festive vibe, Lisbon is calling for you!

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And just like that ... the coldest month of the year arrived. But don't despair, dear Capricorns. It simply means we're three months closer to Spring. And a destination like NYC will always warm up your Miranda-heart.

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Tel Aviv is waiting for you, Aquarians. After all, sunsets, beach rollerblading, amazing food, and an effervescent art scene will keep your free spirit on hype.

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Get lulled by the sound of the waves and surrender to that energy-flow, dreamy Pisces. Ibiza will leave you in awe, whatever you're in the mood for.

©FB/Ibiza Pride

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So whether you're sticking to your destiny destination, or you'd like to play every card of our gaystrology chart, let 2022 sparkle and experience your pride with misterb&b. 

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